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Warriors Orange Peeler
Pick Your Team 2022 Rnd 15 - Warriors vs Panthers


Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?

I hope we see Stace pick his own side this week. Shaun Johnson looked better against the Sharks, not great, but better. Walsh is over playing his hand massively. But we need his attacking spark.. Would love for him to play at 6, but I think his defence would be ripped apart. Especially with the Panthers.

We needs some size in the middle, Addin Fonua-Blake will help. But I'm not sure Aitken is working anymore, get him back at centre to take the tough carries and shore up the edge. Who are our best defenders? Pick them first. Lui, I don't see the point. Give Frei or a Kepu a go before him surely.

Dallin Watene-Zelezniak
Addin Fonua-Blake

Chanel Harris-Tavita

Actually, why even play Chanel Harris-Tavita. He's nothing more than OK, and gone next year. Bench utility..
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1. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak
2. Pompey
3. Aitken
4. Arthurs
5. Montoya
6. Asi
7. Volkman
8. Addin Fonua-Blake
9. Egan (C)
10. Harris
11. Murchie
12. Curran (VC)
13. Tevaga

14. Lussick
15. Afoa
16. Lui
17. Pene

Two Goals: improving defence and reducing errors.

This is about picking the best defensive players we have for each position. I don't give a fuck about attack. We can't outscore the worst defence in the competition. 28 points conceded on average per game is atrocious.


Walsh. Can't tackle. Too many errors. Gone.

Johnson. Makes terrible reads on D - to the point where I think it's because he'd rather not tackle and then blame someone else. Gone.

Chanel Harris-Tavita. Head isn't in the game. Too many errors and missed tackles. Not here next year. Gone.


Aitken. Back to where he belongs. Considered one of the better defensive centres in the game when we signed him.

Egan and Curran captain/vice captain. They come across as the two of the more intelligent players and you'd never question their commitment. Harris I get the feeling is too quiet - won't put a rocket up the players or referee.

Dallin Watene-Zelezniak can't defend on the wing. I'm not sure he'd be any better at Fullback but being a bigger body will have more chance of making a tackle than Walsh.

Defensive Instructions

✅ Line speed.
✅ Tackle with some fucking aggression. Make it sting.
✅ Defend like your careers are on the line. Because they should be.

Attack will take care of itself. It's not like we're not scoring enough points. We're giving away too many.
Im open to giving the young fellas a run

just not in this game

no matter who plays we're going to cop an absolute hiding.....i wouldnt subject the young fellas to that,


I would change Berry out for Arthars or Aitken and chuck Lussick on the bench, but other than that, just leave it as is. No one deserves to play this Panthers team on debut.

Give Volkman the bye week to prepare and come July 3rd, he can replace either Chanel or Shaun- whoever looks the most helpless this week. If Chanel Harris-Tavita and Shaun Johnson both play terrible (wouldn’t be a shock), then throw Walsh at 6 with Volkman.
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Interesting, I wonder who he's coming in for.

Been on the Volkman train since he got here, but man, this just seems to be the absolute wrong week to throw him in.

Hopefully he can turn it up like Luai did in his first career start against us back in '18.. hopefully
We are heading on a one sided hiding to nothing, this isn't the week to throw the young pups to the Panthers but let the incompetent players dig in or say goodbye to their futures.
There is no way Stacey turns them around the rot has set in, no belief in the team and the systems, the only hope is the Panthers rest some players or they are not totally focused.
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