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My team

1) Donald Duck
2) Road Runner
3) Kermit The Frog
4) Miss Piggy
5) Taz The Tasmanian Devil
6) Goofy
7) Mickey Mouse
8) Homer Simpson
9) Gonzo
10) Peter Grifffen
11) Quagmire
12) Apu the Dairy owner
13) Fozzie Bear

Well I am sure it would go better than a team made up of Warriors players
I'm confused,

I thought this has been the Warriors team all season? 😅
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1. Arthars
2. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak
4. Aitken
5. Montoya
6. Walsh
7. Johnson
8. Afoa
9. Egan
10. Pene
11. Curran
12. Harris
13. Tevaga

14. Otukolo
15. Lui
16. Ben Murdoch-Masila
17. Katoa

I hope Jones rotates Otuolo and Egan like Brown was. That was working very well. Otukolo gives Egan a rest, leaving Egan freah for the final 20 minutes to nab constant 6'agains etc and Otukolo is a damn nice feeder from dummy half, seems to know where the ball needs to go, has size and pass with markers offside too

Arthars into FB. Cannot do any worse than Walsh on defense. Which means having to use Aitken in centres again, will be a bit slower but at least will help forwards out with metres from the back. I feel its too late to back out of giving Villiami time, his defense improved his last game, LBAs and a Try, then gets dropped, makes no sense.

Walsh into 6, leaving Shaun Johnson to simply do game management, but with Egan taking advantage in the final 20, Walsh running off him into open field space. Just want to see if Walsh can spur more offense from his original spot in the halves.

Shaun Johnson wasnt happy with the coaching, nor was Walsh, I hope this sets them free to show how truly talented they are on offense.
Was are going to have to be very good on defense and that right edge is the concern that the Sharks will run at. Mission critical to keep errors and penalties low, if we piggy back them into our red zone they score every time. But if we can go into half time even stevens, we have a good chance.
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Just another day in paradise
Yeah I've got a feeling well see the warriors play better than they have all year.
But I'm usually wrong about that stuff

It’s really on Shaun Johnson.

If he decides to finally pull his finger out of his arse and run the ball rather than kicking on the 3rd fucking tackle we might stand a chance
Could win by +12, then again get flogged by 50..
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