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Jan 2, 2013
I'd like to see after this game against the Storm, the half that proves himself the better performer Kodi or CHT, to stay in the side to partner Walsh the following week in the halves, and have RTS stay at fullback.

The other half, who ever that may be dropped from the starting lineup, dropped from the interchange and put on the reserves bench.
If both don't perform bring in SOS for a go!

Just my thoughts... probably not going to happen!

...Just seems like we are carrying too many halves in the side and the season is dwindling away and passing us by.

Short term versus long term, your solution is good for the short term. What is certain is that RTS is leaving and the only real option at FB is Walsh. Now remembering he is 18 and about 6 games into his career he needs as much grounding as possible in the position. Having RTS beside him in games is invaluable for his development in the position, he has a lot to learn, particularly on Defence.

My personal problems with the Halves is that the Forwards are not getting good enough front foot ball for them to work off. Distribution is not up to the mark and the Halves have to take their share of the blame for that. One of them has to start directing play, barking at the Forwards, raising the pace, getting bodies in motion. I do like how CHT tries to get involved but he needs to start organising.

Personally I would try SO'S and CHT in the Halves. Kodi goes AWOL too much.
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Apr 23, 2012
A weak Warriors team vs the might of Melbourne Storm
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