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Mar 12, 2016
Perth, Australia
I kinda like the idea of Roger at wing, he can clean up a high ball in traffic unlike other available.options, put herbert back to centre where he belongs. Then get a fullback who can break the line every now and then and runs lines.
Gives us something to moan about as well, having the highest paid winger in the comp.
Some of the best tries I've seen him score were from the wing.
With little to no space to work with. If Hiku is back I'd pair them up. Hiku is our most creative back and has the best passing & offload game.

Up against Feldt who is a big boy. And has shit lateral movement. Hiku drawing in defenders offloading in traffic to Roger 5 metres out one on one with Feldt. Then Boom! That step to leave him catching fresh air to score is exciting to me lol.

Obviously a short term solution until we get Ken & Fusitua back.


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Apr 19, 2018
how depressing that we have no one better

Just watching Canberra game.. CNK ,,, so good... and so safe under the high ball.. how great would he have been on the wing if we didnt let him walk....

Don't worry, SK's big and slow back line fetish will kick in any week now.

Sad how many people could see what CNK had in him and yet the guy in charge would probably ask to buy a vowel if all he had to do was spell sky.


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Jun 21, 2016
we need to dump Pompey offers nothing... bring in the kid Rocco big body, good step and fast keep him on wing all season... put Herbert to centre till Fusitua, Hiku and Maumalo take back there spots.... dump the young rooster we need to develop our own.... so Curran to the bench to sub Papalii, he runs way better lines and more attaking threat than Papalii.... I would also try CHT. Kody or even Keighran in the halves, not sure its the right time for Turner in the halves with so many young players in the team, next year for Green... I would also keep Egan till Roache is ready Lawton bench cover .... not a big fan of Burr but sometimes you just need that experience which I think we lacked Friday, so maybe a swap out with Murchie..... thats my two cents worth anyway


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Nov 7, 2014
There no way Green is half this week With the new 6 again rule. We need fast halves. SK won’t play the new guys because they are not ready for FG, but how can they be ready if they don’t play FG.
Regardless how fit Fusitua it, put him in this week FFS
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Aug 11, 2017
Kearney cant seriously turn a blind eye to scores of 0, 6, 0, and then 18 against the worst team in the comp where you had 50 sets of 6.

I'd have a throw of the dice a couple of ways,
Turner at FB
RTS at 6
Green at 7
Kodi at hooker
If Turner has a bad day he can be subbed and the other 3 go back to their normal positions.
Kodi 6
Turner at 7
and have CHT on the bench
Green is really only in the team for his kicking and organisation skills and both are completely lacking atm.
Would like to see ATG get a run but hes probably got too many offloads in him for Kearneys liking.

If Kearney cant change it up before it's too late then the one good thing to come out of it all will be him getting the sack next year
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