Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2020 Rnd 19 - Raiders vs Warriors

Might be in the minority here but i want Roger to stay on.

May be out of the race but we owe it to ourselves with all the effort and sacrifice we've put in this season to finish as strongly as we can.

Yeah when he's already put in this much mahi I can't see him skivving off two weeks early now that we're out of contention - might be wrong but he strikes me as a bloke that would want to see it through. If it was Shaun Johnson on the other hand...

Would love to see Turner in for Niko, and wouldn't mind seeing Curran get a second run now that he's hopefully shaken off the rust, but we are really pretty thin on bodies so will probably be a case of anyone who is fit can suit up.
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Roger Tuivasa-Sheck will want to play on but imo he should be sent home unless we really are out of players (which is entirely possible). Surely everyone will have to be in isolation when they get back to NZ anyway, which is another couple of weeks. Just let the guy go home.

Question marks over the fitness of Herbert (no indication he's ready), Hiku (concussion), and Nikorima (arm) do put us in a really difficult position though. We really are short on outside backs.

Worst case scenario, if everyone is out, I guess this would be the team:

1. Turner
2. Pompey
3. Keighran/Lawton
4. Perham
5. Beale
6. Lawton/Keighran
7. Harris-Tavita
8. Blair
9. Egan
10. Burr
11. Murchie
12. Harris
13. Tevaga

14. Roache (???)
15. Papali'i
16. Curran
17. Ale
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Geoff Public

I know TP said earlier he'd like to give everybody a run.
But not all in one game against a Raiders team eying up that 4th spot for finals footie.
We have earnt more credability as a team in the back half of the season. It will help us in our mindset for next year. It may also help us with recruitment now it looks like teams will stay at 30. If 1 player chooses us over other teams because they feel they will win more games with us, that is a good outcome.
So we have 2 games to give these guys a run. We have 2 spots already with George and Daniel going back to the Eels. Lets mix them in with the normal selections. A more competitive team will make the experience more enjoyable.