Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2020 Rnd 17 - Warriors vs Eels

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Waqa and Blake Fergusons edge have been leaking a few tries lately so be looking to see if we exploit this.
I think the Eels focused to much on their attack and neglected their defensive game, bang! 38 - 0 hidingi
We just need to focus on our own game and muscle them into errors as per the Knights.
Their fan base are just as jittery as us Warriors fans when it comes to their team they are not taking that lose very well lol

Sivo scares me but in the past few weeks we have made it a tactic to rush out and nail the centre as they take the ball, cutting off the back play early.

I hope we can continue this because Sivo could be the difference in a close game.

I've watched all of Parras games this year and honestly, their offence is really not that three-dimensional. Effectively their final play options are either Moses on the right chipping up for Fergo to bat back to Blake, or D. Brown digging into the line on the left to try and create an overlap or to put Sivo 1 on 1 with the wing.

As long as our D holds the line they shouldn't be too hard to stop.

Plus, Sivo is atrocious on defence. Never seen a bloke so far out of position so frequently!
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