Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2020 Rnd 17 - Warriors vs Eels

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Beales starting to sound pretty good the more I think about it (the desperate ruminations of a mad Warriors fan).

He is a specialist at least, in the two three quarter line positions of a Rugby League team.

He doesn't have to have a blinder, just hope he gets through the tackling side of things ok. He is after all coming into an in form team, so that should make it a bit easier.

Papa, yeah same deal, just like Beale, we don't need a blinder, just a safe game off the ball. Tackle boys, hold the ball, the really simple stuff, the roll on that this team is enjoying through the contributions of lets face it, at least fifteen players (the Knights game I could not fault anyone) will carry the day.

Be good to have Jennings and Alvaro rested, that parts kind of a luxury for those boys in a way. The Eels might be doing us a default favor here. It also gives them time to be part of the Warrior experience without any pressure, which can only be a good thing when it comes to thinking about a possible future at the Warriors.
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i would keep Hayze at center, he's handled it pretty well since given the chance.
One of the downsides with Warriors coaches of past has been their decision to positional change a player when there really was no need.
Beale has enough experience to handle the wing position or I would even go for PT as an option.
This is where a player like Beale is great to have in your squad. Can cover multiple positions and has the experience needed. He won’t set the game slight but shouldn’t lose you the game either. Just a shame his salary doesn’t match that role.
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Billy Teets James

Beale is probably the best defensive back we have. Not the fastest. Easy to run around if our sliding defense isn't on point and he has to cover a lot of space. But he is solid , hard defender. May not offer much else.

Plant him on the wing & let him mark Sivo. Hayze to continue at center.

AK , Turner & Hayze would get destroyed. Having not played agains't a monster like him before.
Beale has over his long career & has the experience. Would rather our old heads get broken instead of one of our young guns 😂

Altho , Would be good to see Turner on attack with his quick feet turn Sivo inside out all night.

Papalii has been solid the second half of the year. No problems having him replace Alvaro.
As long as we play committed, Play hard & stay in the grind like we did agains't Newy. We have a chance.
Would anyone be keen to put Turner on the wing? Or would that be messing with his development?
He's a fullback so I'd would like to see him develop as such. Don't mess with him by putting him in every backline position, he's already been tried at 5/8 and to put him at wing would probably send confusing messages as to what the club wants out of him. Develop his game at fullback, his time will come when Roger Tuivasa-Sheck moves on. Guys like Tedesco and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck are specialist fullbacks, you never see them get shifted around even if there's a position that needs filling. So treat Turner the same.
Sivo scares me but in the past few weeks we have made it a tactic to rush out and nail the centre as they take the ball, cutting off the back play early.

I hope we can continue this because Sivo could be the difference in a close game.
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