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Pick Your Team 2020 Rnd 14 - Warriors vs Panthers


After the Round 13 game against the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles do you want to see any changes for the Round 14 game against the Penrith Panthers at Central Coast Stadium?

Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?

2 wins in a row so wouldn't dabble too much with the team. One enforced change with Heatherington not available. Would be very tempted to bring Keighran in for Pompey who did some ok things last night, but got badly burnt for speed a couple of times and came charging out of the line which nearly cost us points.

1 Tuivasa-Sheck
2 Herbert
3 Hiku
4 Pompey
5 Jennings
6 Nikorima
7 Harris-Tavita
8 Taunoa-Brown
9 Lawton
10 Blair
11 Katoa
12 Harris
13 Tevaga

14 Egan
15 Alvaro
16 Burr
17 Papalii

18 Keighran
19 Murchie
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How was Alvaro? I watched the game but didn't know who he was so didn't pay too much attention to him.


This is the team, definitely AK for Pompey.

Pompey really isn’t offering anything of note, on attack he’s passing way too early allowing the defence to slide, very evident in the Jennings try which was only scored as he cut back inside.

I also think AK is a capable centre, with excellent goal kicking ability which we’d need next week.

The only hesitation is do Penrith know something about him we don’t and is that a risk. But stuff it - Id play him there now.

Other than that I’d leave Egan there over Turner, don’t know what it is but there’s something I like about Egan...
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How was Alvaro? I watched the game but didn't know who he was so didn't pay too much attention to him.
Really lacking conditioning I thought. Wasn’t on for long and was too slow in clearing the ruck.

Also has a habit of turning his back too quick to run back on side which is leaving us a marker down, and the opposition some real opportunity.

Their dummy half spotted it and trailed him back a couple of times - easy 10m+ run both times.
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Sporting News predicts this team with Mad Jack out. Please delete this thread if there is an existing one (I couldn't find it)

1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2. Patrick Herbert
3. Adam Pompey
4. Peta Hiku
5. George Jennings
6. Kodi Nikorima
7. Chanel Harris-Tavita
8. Jamayne Taunoa-Brown
9. Karl Lawton
10. Daniel Alvaro
11. Eliesa Katoa
12. Tohu Harris
13. Jazz Tevaga

14. Wayde Egan
15. Adam Blair
16. Josh Curran
17. Lachlan Burr

I would play Murchie at prop or Blair - Alvarro has been a dissapointment
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