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Pick Your Team 2020 Rnd 10 - Warriors vs Roosters


Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?

Payten confirmed that the departing players will be leaving next Saturday night, after the Roosters game. Does that mean they'll be available to play?

Billy Teets James

Do we play the 3 going home after the game?
Apart from Paasi, I wouldnt.

Do we have a choice?
Is Herbert injured ?

We'll need to replace both wingers & centers on form/injuires.

Could lose Hetherington to a suspension.

But we won't.

Berry /Pompey(Gawd no 🙄)Wing - AK / Perham /Beale (Lawd no)centers -Turner /Ale Bench?

Murchie Back for a possibly suspended Hetherington.

Chanel Harris-Tavita for Green(Get to the Broncos)

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Berry - Maumalo
AK(Is he over his injury ?) - Hiku
Perham - Herbert
Pompey - Fusitua
Green - Chanel Harris-Tavita
Paasi - Blair
Lawton - Egan
Murchie - Jamayne Tounua-Brown

Jamayne Tounua-Brown
Turner /Egan/Wally Lewis 😂

We're going to get a hiding regardless.
unless chanel is injured, he should be playing over green no brainer. this is the perfect season for chanel to learn and develop. dont need to give anymore minutes to a fucking guy who is out the door next year.
I would imagine this message will come from above very soon, but until then there's no way a rookie coach who is trying to impress is going to drop Green for Chanel Harris-Tavita (even though Chanel Harris-Tavita is more likely to win you a game imo)
If the departing players are available, I'd go with an unchanged backline. Not because they all deserve to keep their spots, but because we don't have better available and all those players are capable of more than they showed against the Sharks. In the forwards I'd shuffle things around a bit. The experiment with Lawton as an 80 minute back-rower has run its course. Jamayne Tounua-Brown to the bench where he can hopefully find his form. Harris back to the middle. Murchie back in the side. Papali'i has been solid off the bench since Payten took over and I wouldn't mind seeing how he goes with a start.

I have a lot of time for Blake Green, but after our attack looking better with Harris in the halves after Green got himself binned, I think it's time for us to try something new.

1. Tuivasa-Sheck
2. Fusitu'a (Pompey)
3. Herbert
4. Hiku (Perham)
5. Maumalo (Hiku)
6. Nikorima
7. Harris-Tavita
8. Hetherington
9. Egan
10. Blair
11. Papali'i
12. Katoa
13. Harris

14. Lawton
15. Paasi (Jamayne Tounua-Brown)
16. Murchie
17. Tevaga
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A reminder of our injury list:
Plus Herbert going off with an HIA today. Payten implied he'd be okay but obviously he still has to go through the protocol.
Thank you!!! Am so sick of seeing people either injured or not even in Australia being touted to play on these threads. I get the frustration but do a little homework people!


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Any word on loan players?

I can’t believe that we can’t secure players. Surely there has to be QLd Cup or NSW cup players not connected to a NRL club?
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I have given it considerable thought and re-read the arguments in favour of Tevaga and what he offers as an NRL forward.
Based on the strong value proposition his supporters have convinced me of
1) Tries the hardest in the team
2) Has a great off load
3) Great tackle count

Recommend that given his strong worth we use him as trade bait and try to bring one of the following here in exchange for Jazz:

- Scott Drinkwater
- Harry Grant
- Luciano Leilua
- Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow

Make the deal happen..I am sure Wests, or Cowboys would be very high on Jazz.
Let's utilise him as a trade asset.

Edit: To be sure will just note this is a wind up.
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