Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2020 Rnd 1 - Warriors vs Knights

Who will win?

  • Warriors 13+

    Votes: 4 7.0%
  • Warriors 12-

    Votes: 14 24.6%
  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

    Votes: 7 12.3%
  • Knights 12-

    Votes: 10 17.5%
  • Knights 13+

    Votes: 22 38.6%

  • Total voters
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Asking for a dispension already. That doesn't sound good for Paasi/Curran.

I have a feeling we might only be allowed to pick off our development roster so Ale/Ogden might be our only choices.

Can't remember the exact rules tbh.
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1) Perham- dont think Roger Tuivasa-Sheck will suit up
2) Herbert- prefer Fusitua but wont happen
3) Fusitua- dont get it but Kearney 🤯
4) Hiku- may switch with Perham
5) Maumalo
6) Harris Tavita- gets the nod for rd 1
7) Green- quite literally no one else
8) Jamayne Tounua-Brown- debut coz Paasi will sit.
9) Egan hes our only signing so has to start
10) Ah Mau
11) Katoa debut please
12) Harris
13) Papalii

14) Kodi- his best spot by a stretch
15) Burr
16) Blair- will probably start prop for Jamayne Tounua-Brown
17) Curran
18) Pulu

Gonna be a tough week. There is very little genuine NRL level talent at this club at the best of times, without the injury list we are carrying. That, coupled with our lacklustre performances in the 9s and trials fills me with anything but confidence.
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