Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2019 Rnd 8 - Warriors vs Knights

Right centre?

  • Solomone Kata

  • Patrick Herbert

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Warriors Orange Peeler
Pick Your Team 2019 Rnd 8 - Warriors vs Knights


After the Round 7 game against the Melbourne Storm at AAMI Park in Melbourne do you want to see any changes for the Round 8 game against the Newcastle Knights at Mt Smart Stadium?

Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?

If Kata comes back we have a 5% chance of making the finals, and Kearney has 5% chance of finishing out his contract.

Them's the odds.

Kata take the rest of the year off work. I'd like to say you've earned it... but really, if you think about it, it's all just charity going to a well paid footy player who's average at best at his job.

Billy Teets James

So what do we do with Hiku if Fusitua and Rog are back, because having centres that could tackle was refreshing.

He played out of his skin at fullback.
Well , Obviously Beale misses out. Hiku offers to much on attack. Which is a shame, Beale is solid defensively. I guess, We are all hoping Hiku will sort out his defensive flaws. It was Alright last night.. His attack was magnificent tho!
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Billy Teets James

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OK everyone, now that we've seen him play the best team of the last 20 years, check out his reel again.

He's like Kata, except with genuine pace, a passing game, a kicking game and punishing, matching winning quality defense.

OK so not like Kata at all really.

If the Warriors fuck this kid up, there will be nothing I can do to save them.
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