Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2019 Rnd 15 - Warriors vs Panthers

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Hopefully this time we don't play 4 guys whose best position is 13 (Blair, Burr, Jazz and Papali'i).
In my opinion Blair and Burr are starting 13's or not in the 17 at all, neither offer impact off the bench and neither are metre eating props.
Papali'i is supposed to be our future 13, but is stuck out of position due to the logjam of players in that position. I'd like to see him play in the 13 jersey with the plan to develop him for the future - and maybe put Pulu on the left edge.
When Jazz is on form he offers something different on attack (but little on D), anytime he's in the 17, it means we have a tiny bench because of his reluctance to cover hooker. If he learnt the trade properly at hooker, it would mean we could have a more balanced bench with 2 props, someone like Sao who can cover the middle or the edge, and a hooker/lock player like Jazz.
Most games this season we've played well until around the 20/25th minute which is roughly when our starting props get subbed, this is when we start to lose the battle up front.
We need to find another Prop - Because Lisone and Satae aren't the answer.

This was the same last season .I don't think it's another prop we need though
I think it's a bigger bench.or Jazz to get good at hooker.
I mean Roach or Lawton
An one forward doesn't cut it in the NRL .
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Well, if you conclude there's no point if we're not going to win the comp, as some on here - by my reading - seem to be suggesting:
The Warriors should say bugger it, rejig the Top 30 before 30 June, taking any lumps on the way and play a 30 squad of the few Warriors worth keeping and the best the Fox - and any other provincial league comp in New Zealand - has to offer. And get Stacey to coach it. And pray lots.

From One Deluded Enough To Still Dream Of Warriors Finals:
Keep the team is named against the Titans, replacing Blair obviously. Also, might be time for a chat with Luke: Should you stay or should go? If he's not really keen on 2020, have him as a bench player. Make Lawton starting hooker along with a new deal with the money budgetted for a new Luke deal going towards it. What's the worst that could happen?
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My Team (as the season is over) but we all know 100% it won't happen as Kearney is 1 dimensional and has zero vision. Green is old and slow, Nikorima a turnstile.. really best used as super sub with tired defence.. Tevaga unlucky as he had a shit game.. tries too hard in his own end..

1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (but tempted to put him in at 5 or elsewhere even 6 as a roving commissioner and swap with Hiku or Fusitua)
2. Perham
3. Herbert
4. Hiku
5. Fusitua
6. Keighran
7. Chanel Harris-Tavita
8. Paasi (the Man!)
9. Lawton
10. Ah Mau
11. Burr
12. Papalii
13. Sao

14. Maumalo (2x 20 min spells in the middle to see how he goes)
15. Pulu
16. Nikorima
17. Frei

Funny you touch on that i think hiku at 1 might give us more options on attack in the 20 with Rog at 6, hikus a bit less "frantic" with the pass and has better timing than Roger at times (feel free to disagree haha) but it may give us balance
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