Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2018 Rnd 8 - Storm vs Warriors

Does Anthony Gelling deserve another game?

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Couple of pre game pints at the Precinct Hotel prior to kick off...come first whistle ill go full "POEHLER"
It is pleasing to see the Storm hit top form.

Pretty much agree with the sentiments posted here whereby they are beatable but we will have to watch those kicks on the ground for their Wingers.

As Ever Hopeful Ever Hopeful pointed out Roger Tuivasa-Sheck may have to be deeper...although straight away that upsets the way we have been using him often times up in the line, the Dragons took an age to work that one out.

The Warriors have a few random niceties going for them over there, half the crowd have Warriors Jerseys on under their Storm Jumpers....I suspect with us being the Big Dog this year, those Wagoners will wear their true Colours outright and they ain't purple.

We have always had to rely on some dumb luck when the Aussies Ambush us on ANZAC day...we get the ole Galipoli shuffle from the Refs....except this time our boys are carting their own heavy Artillery and going in hot.

The Way the team bullies forward packs when they are firing will be too much for Melbourne.

The Warriors can hold their line even though Melbourne will win the penalty count....for a change it wont matter too much.
People always talk about the offloads troubling Melbournes Wrestle.
Yes it does, but in fact the Warriors simple dummy half runs for quick play the balls (surrendering on their fronts) is what really stuffs Melbourne.

Key Forwards are more likely to be those with the fastest play the ball speed.

That is what wrecks the Storm. Having two monster wingers is a real problem for them also for the same reason, the runs from DH are an issue,

Kata would have been well suited to this game.

Same old template as always, Dummy half runs, safe offloads, go at them straight down the middle they like that least because it fks their formation out of shape,

The Warriors coaches since Frank Endacott has known how to get the Storm.

The rivalry is special, right from the year 1998 the Warriors have been bashing the team that came to town after them.

Long may it continue.


Same team, but you have to replace Harris with someone on the bench - we seem to be fresh out of edge backrowers, Blair actually played out there a bit towards the end of the raiders game, so you'd guess Sao comes in, and Adam would move out if injury.
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with Tohu Harris definitely out, assuming kata wont be 100%, if johnson is sweet id play him, if not then lino goes straight into 7. Gavet was slated for a come back this week but its all quiet on the gav front, im assuming hes sweet though.

1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2. Fusitua
3. Hiku
4. Gelling
5. Maumalo
6. Green
7. Johnson/Lino
8. Afoa
9. Luke
10. Paasi
11. Papalii
12. Mannering
13. Blair

14. Tavega
15. Gavet/Satae
16. Vete
17. Sao

18. Lino
19. Satae
20. Lisone
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Soward has us back to #1 in the power rankings based on stats


I guess given I predicted Broncos loss, Linos uprising and our win over the Dragons, Nostrildamous better pick a winner for this round.

One thing I will say, we have it tough for 3 more games before Parra, which after last night is a horribly hard game. Anyway if we can win 1/3 wil will be 7/10. That will do it for me for the 10 round turn around going into Origin.

If you asked me prior to the season if id take 7/10 pre season going into SoO, Id have gladly said yes. Well done boys. IF however we can some how manage 3/3 that 9/10 which means we need 4/14 to make the 8 which just seems a gimme after that.

No Harris. Im very tempted to call the storm on this one, especially if Shaun Johnson plays half baked.
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