Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2018 Rnd 8 - Storm vs Warriors

Does Anthony Gelling deserve another game?

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Pick Your Team 2018 Rnd 8 - Storm vs Warriors

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After the Round 7 game against the St George-Illawarra Dragons at Mt Smart Stadium do you want to see any changes for the Round 8 game against the Melbourne Storm at AAMI Stadium?

Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?




15.Lisone - last chance saloon
17.Sao - over Satae due to backrow ability

- Kearney said in presser Harris will have to pass HIA. So by the sounds of it no actual damage, but with the short turn around and 2 heavy knocks you would imagine Papali'i to take his spot.
- He also said Kata and Shaun Johnson will hopefully have a run tomorrow to see where they're at.
- Lisone started the season a new man, but the last 2 games have been meh. Gavet coming back can't come soon enough, but likely Tigers you'd think since this is a midweek game.
- Hiku is lucky we are short on centres, his attack is not that valuable that he can keep defending like that week after week.

Goodluck to the boys, these Anzac clashes are always a great game win or lose.


This year yet?
Possibly same team with a couple of tweeks depending on availability
I’d say Kata,Shaun Johnson back in if fit, interesting to see where Gavet and Beale sit- will they go through Isp first? Or straight back to top team? Where are Beale and Gelling in the center hierarchy now?
Kata will struggle to get back into the team after Gellings efforts. That edge looks super solid on defense, was a little less effective on hit ups, but lost nothing in the red zone on attack.

I'd trade a few hit up meters out wide for first class defense any day, especially when you've got Maumalo hurting them from the wing.

Gelling/Maumalo is a very nice balance out on our left edge.

Who saw that coming?
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1 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2 Fusitua
3 Hicks
4 Gelling
5 Ken
6 Green
7 Lino
8 Buntanator
9 Lucky Luke
10 Gavet
11 Papalii
12 Mannering
13 Blair

14 Jazz
15 Satae
16 Vete
17 Sao

Maybe if Shaun Johnson didn't do so much pointless sidestepping every game his groin wouldn't get strained so often. Needs to run to the line and get smashed instead. He's like the boxer who's afraid to get hit atm.

Lisone needs to settle down and stop trying to be a superstar. He obviously hasn't put in the effort to learn how to pass in traffic, so he should be humble and play it safe. And he doesn't understand what 1% means. He's not backing up unless it's plainly obvious that he's needed. He's like a naughty school kid trying to get away with stuff out there. Time to give him the dunce hat.
Same team as last night. Too short a turn around for injured players to be back. (Kata, Shaun Johnson)

Only question must be on Lisone - may need a break as he seems to be going back to some bad habits.

I think Harris should be ok to play and we need him. He looked ok when he walked off.
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  1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
  2. Fusitu'a
  3. Hiku
  4. Gelling (no need to rush Kata back if not 100%)
  5. Maumalo
  6. Green
  7. Johnson / Lino (Lino if Shaun Johnson not 100%)
  8. Afoa
  9. Luke
  10. Paasi
  11. Mannering
  12. Harris / Papali'i (Harris looks either seriously concussed or cheekbone injury, prob not avail)
  13. Blair
  14. Tevaga
  15. Lisone (saved by the number of injuries)
  16. Vete
  17. Papali'i / Satae

I was surprised with Vete as didn’t have a lot of time but didn’t really make an impact. I thought he’d be chomping at the bit to show the coaching staff that he is the real deal. Gavet not too far away
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