Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2018 Rnd 7 - Warriors vs Dragons

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I'm thinking that SK knows something about Gelling's game that we haven't witnessed yet. Maybe he has shown this at training and not had the chance in his tiny cameo slots. It would be very strange if he was not the automatic replacement for Kata. Least disruption to the back line, big body etc.

Not saying I'm a fan, just looking at it logically. I don't believe you can go off the very few minutes that he's been given so far. He'll also have the benefit of training there all week.
Im not sure what it would be.....
His defence in the trials was appalling, his passing in the game on Saturday was well below standard, making errors as well. Not the kind of impact off the bench you want and I dont want it for a whole game either.
judging a player off seriously limited minutes really bothers me, especially when players like ayshford, maumalo (last season), lillyman, hoffman etc got so much game time will being completely shit for so long
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I don't want to rule out Gelling altogether, but by god did he look out of place on the weekend. That left to right pass is the stuff of nightmares for anyone watching it, and for anyone on the receiving end of it. I know he's only played limited minutes and maybe he needs a stint in reserve grade to dust off the cobwebs and find his feet. I'll trust in Kearney's judgment in terms of what he does with Gelling.
Gelling was at Wigan, played in some big games because hes a strong runner of the ball and quite dangerous close to the line.

Otherwise what you see is what you get I'm afraid.....he is a bit like Manu was on the down side with no where near the upside (Unfair comparison Manu was the record breaking machine after all).

I wonder how long it will take before Blake Green bangs on Kearneys door and says ' hows that plan to get good players on my side of the field coming along ? the one I was told about before signing....

The sooner we get Beale in the mix the better, Green will be very keen to have someone like that to work with, he must be getting sick of running the crèche out there.
I feel like I have been yelling down a cave with no-one in it all season so far, hopefully that performance cements it for everyone and it isn't put down to rust. Gelling is garbage, forget rust. Rust wasn't his issue, he is well out of his depth and didn't even get to show the real downside to his game which is his defence. If he starts left centre Euan Aitken will score 15 tries.

Starting Lisone was also a mistake, clearly performed better from the bench. Mannerings best position remains lock, Blairs remains prop.

Papalii straight swap for Pulu, CNK straight swap for Kata, Sao/Satae/Vete/Lawton in for Gelling.

2. Fusitua
3. Hiku
4. CNK
5. Maumalo
6. Green
7. SJ
8. Blair
9. Luke
10. Paasi
11. Papali’i
12. Harris
13. Mannering

14. Tevaga
15. Afoa
16. Lisone
17. Sao/Satae/Vete/Lawton


Gelling is not an NRL standard player simple as that. I wouldn't trust CNK at centre either, I think he would get shown up there on D.

As much as I hate to move Fusitua I think we have to until Beale and Kata are fit and put CNK on the wing. Lawton needs to come onto the bench.

Yesterday I would have told you to just get used to the idea of Gelling as he is coming to a movie station near you on Friday night. However, based on an analysis I just did on the draw and the short turn around to week 8, Beale may not be back to Round 9, which means Kearney knows he has a hole at centre to plug for two games and not one game. If it were one game then it will definitely be Gelling for two reasons
1) SK would have brought him over here on the understanding he would be a depth player and would play during injuries. Managers like Kearney hate going back on the word as their Integrity is involved.
2) It is just one game and it is the least disruption to the backline - if we lose so be it - it is one game he will figure

However it likely is two games, and a two game run may allow enough time for the combinations to click more eg Fusitoa playing out of position. Secondly while Kearney may be willing to lose one game in order to keep his word or any pre-season promises - losing two consecutive games is a different story,

I have pulled all of this out of my Wahzoo by the way so feel free to take this with a huge grain of salt.
has anyone else mentioned the dragons hadnt played a top 8 side until the broncs and bunnies found their way to 7th and 8th this week.

before that it was all the bottom feeders !!

Good point! And they've played the Sharks twice already in those 6 games.



Warriors 1.95
St George 1.80

I feel with our hole at centre we should be longer odds. TAB must factor in home field quite a bit.
I would give Gelling another crack, been riding the pine for 2 weeks and comes in cold for 10,tries to get involved and makes a couple mistakes which looks bad but I need to see him for extended time before dumping him.
He cannot pass the ball left to right....he was shocking Saturday, looked to be a deer caught in the headlights....time for someone else to have a go, don't know who yet, but I think here goes...

Pulu replacement is Pappaili? - Mannering to lock.

Kata gets replaced by David F, CNK goes in on the wing.

Satae or Sao come on the bench as prop.

Gelling to the reserves.
Gelling and CNK are the only outside backs we know for sure are eligible for 1st grade, based on past team namings. Perham is a possibility but we haven't seen confirmation that he's in the top 30 - they mentioned he was upgraded at the same time Cook made it into the 1st grade squad but that may have just meant more money.
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