Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2018 Rnd 4 - Roosters vs Warriors

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Same team I guess, was a little disappointed with Paasi he didn’t seem up to speed so maybe replace him.
Hiku defence is on thin ice maybe that’s where Beale slits in when he’s fit?
Obviously Mannering back if he’s ready

I think Hiku's defensive flaws will outweigh his try scoring and attacking feats soon.
Hope he can fix it , or Beale will come in for him.
Hiku has been good offensively.


I thought Paasi must’ve been injured during his first stint because he didn’t come back but it wasn’t Sao who made up his minutes it was Tevaga which tells me it was part of Kearney’s game plan to utilise his energy to help combat the momentum Leilua and Rapana create through their ruck speed in the middle of the park, defensively it worked, offensively it was a failure.

With that game gone and a different proposition in the Roosters it wouldn’t surprise to see Cooke back or at least a more limited role off the bench for Jazz.

If Mannering’s cleared to play I’d bring him to the left edge, Pulu was solid defensively but more suited to bringing his size and energy from the bench and sharing the locking duties with Sao.

Honestly I think people are dreaming if they believe Mooks will drop Hiku once Beale’s right to go.
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We only played them once last year for a win

Sun, 30 Apr 2017 Week 9

Warriors 14
Roosters 13

Different teams this year but hey lets do it again boys!
I reckon he's done his time, shouldn't have to pay twice, but I don't know the rules

Totally agree with you.
This means the Warriors as a team are punished twice given Canberra scored twice while Blair was sin binned he shouldn't have a case to answer for.
The Warriors should fight this charge.


Warriors Orange Peeler
As far as the Jazz Tevaga debate you get to choose between him, Sam Cook or Manaia Cherrington. Nathaniel Roache and Karl Lawton are out with injuries. Either that or you select a left field utility like Zac Santo or Matiu Love-Henry.

IMO Jazz Tevaga's versatility puts him well ahead of the rest. Errors and the odd wild pass from dummy aside I think he's been judged harshly by most. His workrate on defence is insane particularly during the last 10 minutes of the game.

The only real question mark I have is Agnatius Paasi. I wasn't overly impressed with his game last week and he looked behind the pace in Canberra. While he is undoubtedly capable I'd rather he worked on his fitness by playing 80 minutes in ISP...
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