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Has Peta Hiku earnt another week?

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The storm are going to test our edges a lot more than the Broncos.

I think Hiku has to stay on the wing. We look so much better when he is not leaking line breaks.

Id put Maumalo on the bench for Gelling if he is fit. He could have a huge impact off the bench coming on as an impact forward

Trust me Hiku will not be able to hide on the wing against the Storm. He simply cannot be there fullstop
Trust me Hiku will not be able to hide on the wing against the Storm. He simply cannot be there fullstop

I don't think he was hiding on the wing in the Broncs game. Thought he had a great game and his return meters and post contact meters were magic. Didn't miss any tackles if I recall so maybe he needs to be there, the one thing he has that Big ken doesn't is that he's a ball player and has a footy brain.

I'm ok with him there for the Storm and Ken to the bench which should be Tavaga, Satae, Ken and Vuna (like this guy, waiting for his 3x tries)


While SK publicly backed Hiku I’m not expecting him to be rushed back to center anytime soon, barring injuries.

To me wing is his best position anyway, you don’t average 120 run meters plus a game (180 on the weekend) if your not good with ball in hand, he is, I don’t think anyone who’s watched him for a long time would argue that.

If you play him on the wing he’d be making less than a handful of tackles a game that’s a net gain for the team overall.

Maumalo on an edge fresh from the bench would be hard to handle for tired defenders late in a game.

I’d like to think the coaching staff would be considering it as an option because frankly Hiku or Beale from the bench is far less of a threat to the opposition so why not??
For those asking about my comments;
- I do rate Hiku on attack, quite highly actually and he played well on Sunday
- The Storm will test his edge much more than the Broncs and I think he will be shown up again if that happens
- A lot of people keen to drop Ken when he hasn't had a bad game on attack or D? For an inconsistent Hiku?

Basically Ken over Hiku on the wing, Hiku over beale on the wing but beale over Hiku at centre....
I dont like the elbow lifting, its been a bugbear of mine for a while but it happens every game and nothing is done about it. Sending Satae to the bin for it is only acceptable if this is the start of a crackdown on it but if that was the case where is the warning from the NRL.

Letting McCullough get away with just a binning for punching is a joke.
Yep I hear ya, but to be fair its pretty common to go in defending ur upper body, if CM wasnt so short it would have hit any normal sized human in the chest. but yep, should be the hand out so can claim its a fend and next time Smush Chris Ms face.
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Basically Ken over Hiku on the wing, Hiku over beale on the wing but beale over Hiku at centre....

I think ya have to go with with Beale when Ken returns. Hiku looked good in a non pressured role which gave him the time to go looking for the ball. But that game doesnt make up for the Panthers game which he was75% worth of the points against us imo. Harsh I know. But one good game on wing doesnt make up for you going back to centre where you cost the team the game pretty much, in the end they all looked bad but he was the catalyst. Hes no good at centre, he does make a great reserve utility though. Beale was bought for a good reason, if we not going to play him, we need to sell him and Hiku and get ourselves a world class centre.
Just going through this thread made me realize that I'd totally forgotten about the likes of Pulu & Harris yesterday

Of the injured brigade the only ones really at the forefront of my mind were Maumalo & Afoa cos they've both been our most consistent performers this season IMO & I thought we would desperately miss their go forward against the Broncos

I was & always will be a hardcore Manu Vatuvei fan, but Big Ken is rapidly filling up the hole left in my heart from Manu's departure & then some

As for Bunty, well I've never seen a player improve so much between seasons, the kid is a legit beast & his fearless 100% committed hit ups remind me so much of some of our great no nonsense up the guts wrecking balls from the past like Hitro Okesene, Iafeta Paleaaesina, Jerry Seuseu & of course Ruben Wiki

Trying not to get too carried away but I'm genuinely starting to believe that we could be something special at 100% full strength

This next match against the Storm could be season defining IMO ... can't wait
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This next match against the Storm could be season defining IMO ... can't wait

I can't wait for Sunday either. It is the one thing I miss about the NHL. The games were almost as physical as League but they played 2-3 times per week.
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and it blew my mind how often Hiku was involved when tries were scored against us

I have been over the Melbourne hiding many times in my mind because it was so devastating. On their first set of six on the 4th tackle they beat Hiku one on one and made it to the 70 to start their final tackle. Then they chanced their arm and did that cross field kick followed by a centring kick and they had scored on their first set and it was all down hill from there.

If Hiku sticks that first tackle then they wouldn't have scored on their first set. If they hadn't have scored on their first set then maybe we get a chance to get into the game and it pans out differently. Maybe. Or at least maybe it isn't such a thrashing and we still lose.
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With the injection of these injured players in the coming weeks should provide some more stability. Even us winning a match or two without them is awesome, Harris has been strong this season Bunty as well. Pulu looked seriously fit and dangerous at the beginning.
So if we're full strength at the back end of the season we may snatch more than a couple of wins.
1. Captain Marvellous
2. Fusitua
3. Beale
4. Kata
5. Hiku or Ken
6. Green
7. Shaun Johnson
8. Satae
9. Bully
10. Paasi
11. Papali'i
12. Mannering
13. Blair

14. Jazz
15. Gavet
16. Ligi
17. Hiku or Ken

18. Lino
19. Vuna
20. Gelling
21. Lawton
22. Lisone

Still hurting from Anzac day but if we haven't figured out how to be focused 100% and switched right on for game time then we probably deserve a good hiding.

Team first
All in



No flames for the following as I am not being 100% serious - I just felt like making some conversation as I am off work for a week.

I want to make a few well measured comments about Roger Tuivasa-Sheck. I read recently he is on $850,000. So just like Shaun Johnson he really needs to perform and I guess his try saving effort on the weekend was an example of doing just that.

As much as he leads from the front and by example and as much as I like his morals and values I don't think he is an effective NRL captain. That said I wouldn't change him as I don't think we have an effective NRL captain in our side.

An effective NRL captain has one job. And it isn't community relations. Or making good comments in the presser afterwards. Or making motivational team talks. After observing the origin captains and other teams this year the main core role of an NRL captain is to whine to the referee and effectively lobby for your team. Qualifications for the job include being a quick thinker. not being overly concerned with being honest, keeping the big picture in mind ie if you whine about this decision where you are obviously at fault it will pay off in the 2nd half.

That the NRL works this way isn't really Roger Tuivasa-Sheck's fault but ideally we would have a captain who could play this game. I have been through all of the senior leaders in the team and all of them are too honest. Something tells me Hiku might be able to make a go of it but I am not sure and he doesn't speak much at the breathing circle so there is that too.

My bottom three choices for captain would be Passi, Gavet and Afoa. They seem as quiet as church mice. So again Hiku would be much better than them.

Mannering would be awful as he would end up nodding his head and agreeing with the referee when the ref made common sense. Mannering is too fair minded. We need someone single minded on winning and not being concerned about the art forms required to create that win. It isn't cheating it is just "swimming with the sharks". The refs are the sharks and if you are going to deal with them then you need someone who can tame them using whatever it is necessary.
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