Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2018 Rnd 18 - Broncos vs Warriors

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Thinking about it more i think Kearney will straight swap Beale into team and Hiku be on the bench with the rest as is? - it will be more like nothing to see here, move right along.................... ;)

Yeah, I'd just about put money on him doing this, if anything. Fucking gimp. My goodwill towards him has mostly evaporated at this point. His selections (bench specifically) have utterly KILLED us in several games.
Fuck this warrior shit I don't care who is picked for the rest of the year.
It will be what it will be. But show some passion & resilience as a team.
Yeah, I'd just about put money on him doing this, if anything. Fucking gimp. My goodwill towards him has mostly evaporated at this point. His selections (bench specifically) have utterly KILLED us in several games.
You could argue that his bench selections in all our games won was a masterstroke then , couldn't you?
I think the role of the coach goes far beyond bench selections. And he really doesn't have much of a choice given the injuries , having tevaga play 60 isn't ideal but he's a first grade player and should be capable , it was a learning curve if nothing else.
It was our pack that had the biggest question mark this season, without Pulu and now Tohu Harris/Afoa we're going to struggle these next four rounds, blokes like Gavet need to fully comprehend how important it is to the team that they stand up every week from now on.

The Jazz experiment is no longer working, when fans look at the bench they see a half-cocked hooker/backrower/Prop two middle forwards and a back and think WTF, Kearney see's it different, yes in "theory" Jazz solves a few issues which allows Mooks to carry an outside back on the bench, an insurance policy against injury/HIA/form which generally I'm okay with, other coaches do it, it's not that unusual but it's not working for us at the moment.

Along with injury and as the season progresses opposition coaches are working out the weaknesses and Jazz is becoming less and less effective in the middle as a Back-rower/Prop and the reality is that's his core role with Luke playing 80 minutes every week which I assume is always going to be the plan.

Major problems arise when Ken, Fusitua and particularly Roger Tuivasa-Sheck aren't making as many yardage meters from the back like last Friday, you then look to see Jazz trying to plug a hole in the middle of the park for a lion share of bench minutes whilst one of your bigger middles with a huge motor (irony not lost) rides the pine for all but the final 20 minutes when the result has all but been determined, keep in mind we already have Blair, not a noted meterage forward and it almost starts to look like Kearney himself is wantonly applying the blow torch to his own side by throwing a player out there who will never really be dominant in the tackle or in carting the ball forward against the type of rushing defense we saw against the Panthers.

Just another thing about those minutes, Jazz is playing one 60 minute stint, that's a hell of a long time to have two small men (Luke included) in the middle of the park particularly at the back end of games when opposition starting props have freshened up and are returning for their second stints, it's a poor strategy because your'e essentially inviting opposition traffic towards tiring defenders, coaches have their more elusive or destructive outside backs queuing up to have a dig there too I've noticed.

Not saying it would've turned the tide but we would have benefited more by having Sao come on followed by Satae against the Panthers, their line speed/kick chase pressure wasn't allowing our back three to make their usual yardage meters out of the back field, we could've used Sao better I thought.

Without Bunty and Tohu Harris we need to go back to three legitimate forwards on the bench, bring in Lawton as hooker/backline cover start with Satae, even if he can only manage the first 15 minutes, our impact off the bench would improve by having Paasi and Sao coming on 10 minutes apart rather than Jazz coming on for rest of the game followed by Satae a handful of minutes before halftime.

Dunno what's happened with Gavet, he's indicative of how inconsistent our pack is, he needs to stop picking fights in tackle and get back to leaving bodies on the ground like he was last season, that's what he's paid for.

I worry that if Kearney doesn't make some tactical changes now it'll just be a rinse/repeat of last week against the Bronco's followed by the Storm.

We're down on troops in the forwards and against sides with a good kick chase our back three are less effective so time's come to bolster the bench and use those troops more effectively, minus a few of our heavy hitters there definitely needs to be change in that area.
Pretty spot on post.. also highlights where they need to focus on recruitment for next year... Having said that.... SK may be looking 2 next year where our mobile forward pack may pay dividends since the number of interchanges will drop.
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