Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2018 Rnd 17 - Panthers vs Warriors

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Billy Teets James

1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2. Fusitua
3. Hiku
4. Kata
5. Ken
6. Green
7. Johnson
8. Gavet
9. Luke
19. Paasi
11. Blair
12. Papalii
13. Mannering

14. Sao
15. Satae
16. Is Sipley fit ? I am sick of these woosy little benches.
17. Lawton (plays Hooker backrow Center and half at a pinch sorry Jazz this guy is on my bench and will probably get zero minutes).
Don't think we can play Sipley this year. Not in the top 25/30? Whatever it is.

Billy Teets James

Been reading some shit on here
Get this straight the boys that played in the weekend
All deserve to be selected again . I won't normally say this
But we were reffed out of that game .
An if you won't to blame one of our players Tohu Harris did
Fark all all game .He looked injured to me .Getting driven backwards
In tackles an disappearing for extended spells
But no just keep hating on jazz an manners you muppets .
We will win games an lose them .Its hardly ever down to one player an one play
Angry guy. Honest to the Kardashians, You need a cuddle.
Angry guy. Honest to the Kardashians, You need a cuddle.

Send Kim K over then ..I'll cuddle that six ways from Sunday...an still be
Angry .Until next week when we smash Penrith .at their home .Go the warriors

No I'm not really angry But I thought Jazz an Manners both put in good efforts
I actually thought we played well .An we were unlucky ..If Satae had taken that pass an
Crashed over or if Roger had seen Shaun Johnson in support after his break down field or if simon had fallen
On the ball .It was a good game an no one should be singled out .
I used Tohu Harris as an example he was no where near his usual high standards
But no one mentions that they just keep harping on about Jazz an Manners
Who both put in an effort .Shame.


Tamou shouldn't be playing against us. Such dirty play. It's a shame the NRL didn't stamp their foot down on him.
Probably one of the more grubby things have seen in an NRL fixture in a long time. The bloke was literally in his return game from a broken eye socket. Not only is Tamou a turncoat, but a filthy grub.

Any Warriors player and they would have been seeing a decent stint on the sidelines. Pathetic from NRL, hope we absolute flog them.
Has anyone got an update on Pulu? We could do with him atm!

That was a great effort in the wknd given our omissions. Missed big ken and fuss running it out of our end. The boys gunna pump the panthers this weekend.

Rd 20 was the original call on him.

Plus he'll need time to get back up to speed.

We're fifth at the moment with a tough run of games coming now so getting as close to a full compliment would be awesome approaching the finals which I know we are bound for.
Yep Jazz ended up playing pretty well over the weekend. couple moments he could've capitalised on things but was really good on defence in key moments.

Looking at him tackle Gallen a couple of times really highlighted how they're similar height wise, but Gallen just has so much more bulk thanks to being on the gear. Jazz probably could have been bigger by now if they hadn't focused on making him a hooker after graduating U20s though.


Vete already gone...looks like Lisone
Vete has gone off to Melbourne unfortunately.
Sam Jabrone it is then I guess

Massive game for us. If we lose we will likely drop to 7th
Truth is, we should not even be contemplating a close game. They need to go out there with a positive, winning attitude and a determination to put a cricket score on this bunch, having rolled them through the middle for the first 20 mins.
2 points is mandatory; first and foremost. No doubters needed here. We would deserve 7th spot if we lost on Friday night.
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