Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2017 Rnd 7 - Raiders vs Warriors

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CNK CNK but i wonder if he will ever get a appearance, but gubbmeister looks to put a hit on but if big bennys back chuck him in 10 haha
If we could have second half Foran all 80 minutes please.
Likely relates to the Warriors overall issues with poor starts and better 2nd halves ?

Foran also talks about taking time to work players out by testing them out.

I just watched the Raiders against the Tits.

Rapana is on fire.

The Raiders have always been a team that you want to avoid letting their backline gain confidence.

They are a bit like us in that when they Razzle, they Dazzle. Unlike us, they are consistently hard to beat at home.

That forward pack of theirs is better than ours.

Our spine is better than everybody.

Same shit different opposition for the Warriors.

You would have to say that Kearney's game plan, keeping the ball and trapping the opposition, is as good a way to approach the Raiders as any team.

Croker doesn't like the Big Warriors backs running at him. Again having those kick return guys in the backs pays off this time around.

The Warriors have one edge over everyone in the comp......teams are scared of the day they click into gear, lets hope their fears are realised this week.
Hell of a game this folks.

We've beaten lower table guys, and been frankly nowhere near good enough to beat the Storm, Dragons (both top of table sides) nor did d we beat lower ranked Canterbury.

I suspect had Foran played the Dogs, we would have won that one.

This week we get to test the theory that we can only beat cripples.

Raiders are a genuine top eight threat. It will be a hell of a lot of tough to beat these dudes.

If the Warriors play ugly, they probably won't win ugly.

I just hope we give these bastards a hell of a game, play well.....because if that's the case....the Raiders will need the Refs and Luck to get away with a win.
I'm hoping we just go out and stick to our structures. That's what's been getting us the positive points differential in our last 120 mins of footy.

Make sure that even if we lose, we get some practice hitting our game plan. It's still early in the season so we need to be in build up mode. Turning into a mess of ad lib mentalists, and then losing, would be a disaster IMO.

Better to lose with honor:) than break our game plan and lose without it.:sorry:

But in saying that obviously winning would again feel awesome.:rolleyes:
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Just another day in paradise
Halligan is such a retard. You dont have to be effective to touch the ball. I'm sure Foran was barking orders, set plays and making calls in the background.

The guy is an absolute nuff head. How he still has a gig commentating is beyound me.

Someone is either playing a very long prank or Halligan is doing favours for someone to keep this gig. Hope it ends soon.
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