Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2017 Rnd 12 - Warriors vs Broncos

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Warriors Orange Peeler
Pick Your Team 2017 Rnd 12 - Warriors vs Broncos


After the Round 11 game against the St George-Illawarra Dragons at FMG Stadium do you want to see any changes for the Round 12 game against the Brisbane Broncos at Mt Smart Stadium?

Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?

Alright first time this year I've posted a team because I've been happy to go with consistency but tonight done it for me.
Bad all around but the middle would probably be the worst in the nrl- certainly the worst in this clubs history. I'd go with a total overhaul there. I'd go for size and hunger.
Lisone- I try hard to like him coz he's got some unique talents but too inconsistent. Would be better for some time in reserves.
Gubb- don't know why they bought him back.
Bodene- misses too many tackles. Runs that line hard but it never really comes to much anyway.
Better bring Manu back too.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Shaun Johnson

Pat sipely
Mannering (just think we basically need to go with 6 props in the middle- get him and ayshford either side of Shaun Johnson).
Sao ( played his best footy with manly at lock- can share it with another prop coming off the bench).

lillyman (better bench player).
Matulino ( hopefully fit- looked out of sorts but if he's fit u gotta play him- I suppose..)
Tof sipley ( if he's unfit then satae can take his cameo)
Erin Clark- just like what he brings- and think he's got that bit of swagger (for lack of a better word) that could be good for the side- not just on game day. Plus you can't keep playing Roach as essentially 18th man each week- better to let him get some minutes in reserve grade too.
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Jordan G

Whoever wants to show commitment, desire, and heart. Whoever has the ability to anticipate, react, show vision and awareness. Whoever has composure and won't buckle under the pressure.

In other words - forfeit.
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