Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2017 Rnd 11 - Warriors vs Dragons

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The club is in crisis. That performance was a disgrace.

The Roman Centurions used to decimate their 100 men after a performance like that. Decimate meant to execute randomly 1 in 10 men. That means SK has to drop 2 senior players, no matter who, to reserve grade and don't bring them back until hell freezes over.

For starters I would go on missed tackles which were Hoffman 6 and Thompson 5.

Somebody might have a better a idea about who to drop, but it has to be two senior players, no more pissing around.

SK cannot afford to be conservative any more. He has to chop some heads, these guys fear nobody at the club.
1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2. CNK
3. Fusitua
4. Ayshford
5. Maumalo
6. Foran
7. Johnson (C'mon brother, please rediscover that form which used to single-handedly tear teams apart)
8. Lillyman
9. Luke
10. Gavet
11. Afoa
12. Hoffman
13. Mannering (Pls be back legend)
14. Roache
15. Matulino
16. T. Sipley
17. Vete

18th man King Vuniyawawa (with a name like that this guy must bring some fire!)
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Protip: We're no chance. They're our bogey team, have an excellent forward pack and our pack is legitimately the worst in the NRL

The only chance we have is that irritating Warriors habit of winning when they're 0% chance of winning and losing when it seems impossible.

True, and on that basis get that mentality they had last year when the naughty 6 were relegated and we were given less than zero chance ... you never know.
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True, and on that basis get that mentality they had last year when the naughty 6 were relegated and we were given less than zero chance ... you never know.

You're spot on. That is genuinely what came to mind as soon as I said 'zero chance'. Logically we should get pumped by 50+ so it's anybody's game haha
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aarrghhhhh i said last week Kata should be in ISP !!.......but if he is still injured i have nothing to worry about lol.....

i also said our bench wouldn't scare any team, i'd keep Benny, but the rest,,,,Sao..nope...small utilitys, no.....i cant believe none if not both of the sipleys havent had a run yet

quality centre needed for 2018 if Fusitua is going to be a winger...we all could see Fusitua is pretty slow for a winger lol

we ever looked at getting joseph manu back from the roosters...he is a big kid, fast and strong


Thompson I would drop outright for Mannering. For a bloke playing for a contract he’s been really really poor.

Johnson and Sheck were also awful but they won’t win without them.

And Nate Roache isn’t helping. Issac has been acceptable, so play him 80 and find another use for the final bench spot. Maumalo or Vatuvei, who cares if they play 10 minutes or aren’t used, at least your covering for a backline injury and can get a couple of big runs. Not like you’re asking them to defend in the forwards for an extended period.
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Erin Clark in for Roache - bring him on much earlier, then leave him on at Lock when Luke comes back. Same role he plays for the ISP team.

If Hoffman and Thompson are retained, Kearney needs to spell both of them as neither are up to 80mins anymore. Let Afoa play wider instead of using him as a prop/lock in the middle.
Watching the ISP game. Player that stood out for me was Ogden. He reminds me of Takeuaho. Played big minutes too and pulled off some big hits. Vete and Gubb dont even play big minutes in ISP. Would be better off Grooming the Sipleys and Satae.


There’s always next year.
This game is so crucial to see how well
we bounce back from Saturday.

If we lose our marbles at home to the dragon, then I am officially burning my fake Warriors T-Shirt.

I'm trusting the process but the Troll inside me is growing.
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