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Pick Your Team 2017 Rnd 10 - Panthers vs Warriors


After the Round 9 game against the Sydney Roosters at Mt Smart Stadium do you want to see any changes for the Round 10 game against the Penrith Panthers at Pepper Stadium?

Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?


PS This game will be played in a fortnight due to next weeks rep round
We're just one mega prop and bench/impact forward away from being a great footy team IMO.

Patrick Sipley and Manu Vatuvai step up.
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Same team - Manu for Ken if you want but it doesn't really matter.

Ayshford is playing better than Kata so he'll just have to bide his time

Sao looked a bit more effective during his stint.
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Just glad no one has ken in there team
Manu straight back in they both fuck up every game difference being manu knows how to score a try which he did in reserves today, also over bodene would be happy to see bunty start there and look to thr future
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Interesting use of the forwards vs the roosters.

Gavet 33 mins
Lillyman 37 mins
Matulino 49 mins
Lisone 34 mins
Sao 12 mins

Mannering 80 mins
Hoffman 80 mins
Thmopson 80 mins

Roach 0 mins

So we essentially used a 5 prop rotation.

I'd like to see Lisone come on as back row cover, playing 40 mins, 20 on either side of the park to give Thompson and Hoffman a spell. They will both look a lot better IMO with less mins. Lisone will make huge meters on the edges, running into centers and edge forwards.

And I'd bring one of the Spiley bros in as the fourth prop. We need some size through the middle. Give him 25 mins, Mutts and Lillyman have 50 and Gavet has 35.
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Same team for me .I wouldn't change much .If Manu was available I'd put him
on the bench an play him an Ken half a game each , on the wing , Hopefully these
guys keep trying we can go all way ,
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Bunty,for Thompson he is a turn style only change.slow chase.young eager, bunty please
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Ashyford reminds me off Aussie import John Carlaw , who got the Warriors to the GF in 2002

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Still the panthers are due, I'm expecting a lot of off loads by them this is a probable loss. by a few.we struggle against unstructured teams now,go figure lol
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Jordan G

Just looked at the draw. This has Warriors loss written all over it.

Not only will the Panthers be at home, but no doubt they'll have an "honesty session" during the break and come out fired up in an attempt to get their season back on track.

On top of that we've got 2 vs 3, 5 vs 7, 8 vs 9, 4 vs 6 during this round as well.

It's such a perfect opportunity for us to close the gap on teams in the top 8 there's almost no way we don't find a way to fuck it up.
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The easiest way to fuck this game up is to put Kata and Manu back out there, drop Ayshford and have Maumalo out on the right wing.

We go back to having the best kick return hitups in the history of the NRL, yey! but the worst edge defense in the comp kills us on the score board at full time.

Gee its great to be a Warriors fan sometimes.
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