General Pick Your Team 2016 Rnd 4 - Warriors vs Knights

Pick Your Team 2016 Rnd 4 - Warriors vs Knights?

  • Roger Tuivasa-Sheck

  • Tuimoala Lolohea

  • Manu Vatuvei - Wing

  • Jonathan Wright

  • Matt Allwood

  • David Fusitua

  • Ken Maumalo

  • Solomone Kata

  • Blake Ayshford

  • Konrad Hurrell

  • Shaun Johnson

  • Jeff Robson

  • Ben Matulino

  • Jacob Lillyman

  • Sam Lisone

  • James Gavet

  • Albert Vete

  • Charlie Gubb

  • Issac Luke

  • Nathaniel Roache

  • Ryan Hoffman

  • Simon Mannering

  • Raymond Faitala-Mariner

  • Ali Lautiiti

  • John Palavi

  • Upu Poching

  • Manu Vatuvei - Forward

  • Jazz Tevaga

  • Bodene Thompson

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Would definitely play the same team with the exception of Roach, i would drop him for Luke...Jazz was fantastic and Roach looks a lot like another Nafe Seluini/Peta Godinet.

That was the best defensive effort iv'e seen for a long time...the Ayshford / Tui combo looks rock solid, and the Kata / Wright edge was as strong as that side has been for years, granted it was one game, but it didn't look anywhere near as flimsy as it always does.

Robsons miss on Munster i think it was, wasn't great, and that was probably our worst defensive play, that being said your halfback shouldn't be making one on one tackles on his goal line 3 in, there should be more support coming across.

I think that was as good of a defensive team as we can put on the park with the exception of Luke, and as defense is the clubs constant weakness, i would be picking the same team in an effort to shock our game around defense like pretty much every premiership winning side in the games history has done.
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1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2. Matt Allwood
3. Blake Ayshford
4. Solomone Kata
5. Jonathan Wright
6. Shaun Johnson
7. Ata Hingano
8. Ben Matulino
9. Jazz Tevaga
10. James Gavet
11. Bodene Thompson
12. Ryan Hoffman
13. Simon Mannering

14. Tuimoala Lolohea
15. Sam Lisone (if available)/Albert Vete
16. Jacob Lillyman
17. Ali Lauitiiti

Hingano and Lauitiiti have been going great guns for the past few weeks, and if they can perform anything like Tevaga did in his debut, they will go great. Players need to be rewarded for good performances in the feeder comp, and at the same time players need to be dropped for unsatisfactory performances. Keeping the same lineup bar injury does nothing but promote that there is no competition for places which an NRL club shouldnt find itself in.

- Nothing against Lolohea but he is playing a makeshift role at wing. That is not his position. I would like him to interchange with Hingano (who undoubtedly would need a break due to the fast pace of the NRL).
- Nothing against Robson who tries damn hard, but he isnt looking like the foil we need for Johnson.
Still think ali should be in there then they might be able to learn off him how to run between players not at players as he showed in the weekend
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Has there been any reports on Luke's injury, how long he might be out for, with comments from the club or Luke himself?

I watched Luke in the members tent yesterday talking to Bluey McLennan for about 15 minutes. Talking to Bluey for that length of time has been known to result in mental issues afterwards...
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I still believe we are capable of making 6th 7th or 8th even though it's hard to see at the moment its not the first time but one of many times it's been a bad start to the season
Has anyone seen ali lauititi play yet is hw able to play nrl if possible this week if named is he up to the pace
I strongly believe we should have signed daniel tupou strong fast tall he would have suited the warriors style of play
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