Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2016 Rnd 23 - Warriors vs Cowboys

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I've been pretty quiet since game day. I did post last week I thought the warriors had a shocker left in them somewhere this season, was hoping it wasn't going to be last week though...

That being said - Lolohea, shouldn't be at fullback, but if he's dropped now after that performance, what will that do to his (probably) already low confidence? Manu has had worse games and wasn't dropped... So, I'm going to suggest some leniency and Lolohea to get a reprieve on the right wing. Biggest problem we had against the bunnies was the lack of mongrel and aggression in the middle. And we're going to need it against the Cowboys too.

Ayshford (don't really think we have many other options)
Shaun Johnson

No idea what to do with the pack. So will try a throw back and bench Bodene for Matulino on the edge.



McFadden won't make many changes. He can't really. His hand is limited.

The other option I'd consider given we're expected to lose this game... Leuluai to hooker, Lolohea to five eighth. But I give that about a 0.5% chance of happening.


In Andy we (have to) trust
As reported on NRL.com

Warriors: Ben Henry (knee, retired), Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (ACL, season), Sione Lousi (ACL, season), Albert Vete (knee, indefinite), Charlie Gubb (suspension, finals), Solomone Kata (hamstring, indefinite)


Good lord. Despite the criticism he gets, Kata is kind of indispensable. Vete they can cover for.

Didn’t solo finish the game? Must admit blanked out on the last 10 minutes, was reading the forum ranting instead.

Wright actually looks alright at center in the few NSW cup games they've shown *ducks*
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As they're not listing Luke on there, I'm applying salt to the Kata/Vete inclusions until the club confirm it.

Also salt is being consumed with the Cowboys list. But if true, it's good to have those players out....And who the eff is James Tedescp?

Seriously, you'd think the NRL's official website would be on top of this stuff.

Fusitua to FB, Lolohea to Plastic Chair, Ayshford to RC, if Kata's out Allwood to LC, if Vete's out Sipley/Lisone to LP


i thought Kata looked a little lame on the run in for his try actually... not surprised at the hammy injury

personally would have Lolohea back on one wing.
but if he's dropped now after that performance, what will that do to his (probably) already low confidence?
I don't give a crap about his confidence. But if it is important than surely the way for him to get back is to spend some time in reserves where he build again.
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Remember when writing your preferred team list please leave out 17 & 18th man.. our current coach seems to think we only need 16 players. Just a reminder.
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Dont be suprised if their isnt any changes apart from replacing people who are injured...really expect to see him try and rally them round by telling them they have to redem themselves for last week and play same team :/
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