Pick Your Team Pick Your Team 2016 Rnd 23 - Warriors vs Cowboys

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Warriors Orange Peeler
I can't see there being too many changes. If anything I'm picking a merry-go-round of....

Fusitua to fullback, Ayshford to centre and Tui to the pine.
Yeah Im not expecting many if any changes. Certainly not wholesale changes like bring in half the reserve grade team. Someone posted up before that the Warriors have used 33 players this year. Id be amazed if anyone else was given a debut this year. Matt Elliott once said unless it was completely necessary you didnt want to use more than about 30 players a year. Cappy would be the same Id imagine...


Warriors Orange Peeler
I was more thinking one off 3rd parties for one game to cover match day payments.
Dont know TBH but all TPAs need to be approved by the NRL first. Dont see it being allowed as the Panthers and the Eels in the recent past have gotten into trouble for going over the salary cap after using too many 2nd tier players. Panthers was injury related. Eels was when Sticky was trying to clear the decks...
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wow, Cowboys will surely be fired up this weekend, losing 22-10 to the Roosters, although the last three games have shown the blueprint to beating them.
Drop Tui to reserves until he shows he's willing to put his body on the line for his team

Fusitua to Fullback, Ayshford to Centre, Big bopper to Bench (Sipley or Afoa). No to Jono Wright, he's just as slow as Maumalo! Bring up Well's, a winger/fullback with speed to burn and good positioning.

1. Fusitua
2. Wells
3. Ayshford
4. Kata
5. Vatuvei
Depends I guess on who Cappy sees as the biggest culprit, Lolo or Maumalo. Lolo might get the nod back the to wing as he is a bit more versatile, but he was hooked which doesn't bode well.. Afoa, Gavet or Sipley to take the last bench spot and actually be used. With Roache on the bench we dont need need another back cover. The cowboys forward pack has size and talent, at least give our boys a chance by selecting a team to try and match it Cappster.
Lolohea at 6, Leuleuai at dummy half..... or why not just keep playing them out of there natural positions and put Johnson at Lock and Kata in the Cheerleading squad?


Hasn't Wright been 18th man for like a month? There's no way he's match fit.

He’s hardly the supreme athlete, fit or no fit, does it make a difference?

1. Fusitua
2. There is no good all-around option, won’t complain if it was any of 4 different players (wright, allwood, ken, tui) none of them are really suitable, but its sudden death, gotta balance who won’t be exposed on D, but can also finish a chance…. Wright. Or Tui. Maybe.
3. Ayshford

Rest stay the same

17. Gavet or Afoa, either is fine.
I picked loose too, as in loosy goosy. Lolo to the bench, and Aysford to centre. Yep. Rest of the players per usual. We only lost by 19, and Cappy said there were only a few issues to be sorted...
Great.... 3 losses in a row for the Cows.

They're going to absolutely spank us, aren't they?
if we allow them to play then yeah we will, but if we pressure Thurston and play with a desperation to not miss out on the finals for the fifth straight year then we are a fair chance imo
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Pick Your Team 2016 Rnd 23 - Warriors vs Cowboys

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After the Round 23 game against the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Mt Smart Stadium do you want to see any changes for the Round 24 game against the North Queensland Cowboys at 1300SMILES Stadium?

Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?

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