General Pick Your Team 2016 Rnd 20 - Canberra vs Warriors

Taking away our two best props, who would you have on your bench? Select 4 players

  • Jazz Tevega

  • Nathaniel Roache

  • Sam Lisone

  • Albert Vete

  • Charlie Gubb

  • Toafofoa Sipley

  • James Gavet

  • Bunty Afoa

  • Shaun Lane

  • John Palavi

  • Ali Lautiiti

  • Jonathan Wright

  • Tuimoala Lolohea

  • Other

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Pick Your Team 2016 Rnd 20 - Canberra vs Warriors


After the Round 19 game against the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles at nib Stadium in Perth do you want to see any changes for the Round 20 game against the Canberra Raiders at GIO Stadium in Canberra?

Any new injury concerns?
Any returning players?
Any tweaks to the bench?


Jordan G

I don't like Maumalo/Manu in the wings, but no doubt one if not both will be there. In a game where speed is so important why do we insist on picking the slowest possible wingers? Because our forwards can't be bothered getting back?

Maumalo could do so much damage running short balls off Shaun Johnson or even in a Taumalolo style lock role. If only we actually developed him there to begin with. An absolute waste.

Manu is just done as a winger unfortunately. He doesn't have the speed and acceleration to push through gaps and his one on one power isn't what it used to be. With the way we attack, running towards the sidelines, we need agile wingers who can cut and use angles, not bulldozers who get no actual ball until it's time to do the forwards work for them.

Unfortunately if Ayshford is injured then it'll be Lolohea/Fusitua filling in at centre with Manu and Maumalo keeping their spots.
The only change Cappy is likely to make in the back line will be Tui in for Ayshford if still injured.
Otherwise expecting no changes, Tui to the bench.

The big changes will be in the forward pack with Lillyman, Vete and Thompson coming back in.
Those 3 alone will make a big difference to our go forward and make up of the bench likely to be Gubb-less.

Have to say, unfair on roache, i understand he does not have the same physical impact as Tevaga, but he was in the side for the past 5 weeks, he gives us a bit of speed in latter parts of the game.


If they do it will only be because of the travel. The Warriors are showing some grit these days but I fear we will lose it in the forwards.

I think they will do it because they are a much better team than the Warriors.
Fuck all to do with the travel.
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Jordan G

For all the talk about how inconsistent we are, and some of it is warranted for sure, but the Raiders/Panthers aren't far behind. Raiders have done well this year picking up the sort of wins that we let slip, but they are just as capable of conceding tries in bunches as they are at scoring them.

Their last game against Newcastle is a perfect example of what they can do on both sides of that good/bad line.

Them coming fresh of us a bye and us travelling there after a tough match and travel is a concern though.


Gavet, Gubb (suspended), Ayshford (if injured)

Thompson, Vete, Lillyman

Lolohea to fullback (I think that’s the only position he plays reasonably well at this stage, don’t really rate him as winger, and Fusitua has played a lot more centre in reserve grade)
Fusitua to centre
Thomspon pushes Afoa to the bench
Lillyman starts for Gavet