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Why the fuck would you not play Tui at six,Fusitua at fullback, Allwood on the wing. If Tui's future is at 6 then for god's sake play him there Fusitua is a fullback play him there am really getting sick of bullshit selections like Jonno Wright on the wing good player and and all but not on the wing. I am going to the game so will be good to see them live not happy about this team Selection plus would have loved to see Toafofoa Sipley really think he is going to be good for us .

its not so much about picking Wright but more about fitting Shaun Johnson, Lolohea, Luke, tevaga and Leuluai in the 17... tui has to play FB
Well it looks like the teams pretty much been picked around fitting leuluai into the 6 jumper so he better perform.
The club have shown a lot of faith in him the last couple of years- bout time he repayed it.
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