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The League is sponsored by Telstra Australia, the Warriors by Vodaphone NZ, as such they are not competitors. Especially as Vodaphone NZ bought out Telstra NZ.
They should push that angle

Is there are Vodafone Australia though that telstra competes with?
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Sep 21, 2019
For me I get Telstra saying we don't want to give you a tonne of cash to give out to clubs for one of your teams to advertise our opposition so brazenly, it shouldn't matter so much but to brand people it does.
More I feel let down for the nrl, who allowed this in the contract, its a shame for the warriors to lose such a stable partner, what else at the Warriors has been constant for the last 22 years? But that said hopefully they will get a new sponsor, I hear there's a insulation crowd based at Rosebank Road that might be able to step in.
As mentioned having Gus there to go to some dinners with potential suitors is bound to help get them over the line, so in that respect well played Cameron.


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Apr 20, 2012

Rugby league: Phil Gould reveals one area where New Zealand league can improve​

Australian league guru Phil Gould has highlighted an area of concern for the game in New Zealand.

Gould will bring his wealth of knowledge to the Warriors this season in a consultancy role, with his main task being to help improve the club's pathways programme to set the club up for long-term success.

To achieve that goal, Gould says the presentation of league in this country needs to improve with young prospects.

"What we have to be is an attractive option for them," Gould said.

"Kids have got to aspire to play rugby league at the highest level and play for their favourite club or their local club, and that's what we need to be. All the NRL clubs work really, really hard to attract those types of kids. I'm not worried about other sports.

"I think there is room enough for everyone, particularly with kids. As long as they are playing sport in some sort of competitive environment, I think it is healthy, and then they choose the code that they love."

Although Gould's main role with the club is focused on the game on our shores, and he is expected to work with New Zealand Rugby League as well as the Warriors, he has been unable to travel to New Zealand yet due to Covid-19 restrictions. While he's hopeful of being able to make the trip soon, he is expected to be a regular visitor to the club's camp in Tamworth over the next few weeks.

The Warriors are based in the country town for the next month, before relocating to Terrigal where they will be based for at least the first four rounds of the NRL season.

Gould said there were plenty of ways the club would benefit from their location.

"This is perfect. If I was a first-grade coach and I could lock my team up for a couple of months in camp like this to get ready for the season, I think it is the perfect preparation," Gould said.

"Whilst forced on them because of Covid restrictions, I think it is a great opportunity for them, particularly with so many new recruits and so many young players they have got in the system here now, and a new coach; it's sort of like a fresh slate for everyone.

"I think it is the perfect opportunity for them all to get to know themselves and prepare well for the new season."

Rugby league: Phil Gould reveals one area where New Zealand league can improve - NZ Herald
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Apr 28, 2021
Great signing, Gould’s addition will add many things to the club, the unlocking of junior talent will take time as he done at the Panthers.

Not a quick fix, the long term vision will be fruitful in 5-7 years.

I have two nephews that run around playing union in Greytown, hopefully league can be grass roots like union in years to come.


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Jun 22, 2012
The edge of insanity
Gus is completely right with that explanation. After that speech I'm completely on his side (for now anyway lol). There is no way league will thrive without massive investment in pathways. Warriors were good at getting youngsters into the grades, invested in the kids & then lost them to other clubs. Hope V'lanys knows what he's doing


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Sep 1, 2015
Hope V'lanys knows what he's doing
Phil talks to him.

Actually it should be sports management 101. Those Merkin franchises know what it costs down to the last dollar to produce a first grade player.

The NRL system, started by that kangaroo turd Murdoch didn't know and could not care less, that is why dreamers like Watson got involved.


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Sep 1, 2015
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