Player Peta Hiku

The stat in that article about our wingers try scoring shooting up due to what side Hiku was playing on wouldn't be a surprise to Warriors fans. It probably wouldn't be known to other fans so it's good to see it highlighted.

Payten keeping his word and calling him when he had a spot available was good to read. Players would want to perform for a coach showing that loyalty.

I know he had some defensive issues but we have that with most guys we place out wide. So some of it would be down to structure. The other question would be how much attention was given to it coaching the individual instead of he needs to do better.

He is closer to the end of his career so the Warriors like any club would need to make a decision on if they keep him on or move on with one of the youngsters coming through. When your on top and winning these decisions typically work as they are coming into a winning side with people on top of their game. When your struggling they typically don't. We probably haven't timed these calls too well.
Gun Centre, potentially one of the best back up #1's in the comp (although surplus to requirements there at the Cowboys) & can cover Wing & #6 at a pinch. One of the genuine all rounders in the comp. I believe he would've stayed in we would have had more stability around our home base. Definitely a loss directly associated with Covid
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