General Panels best 25 Warriors over the first 25 years


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May 8, 2012
I wouldnt have dean Bell there. I always thought the warriors started as a team of champions, and he was head of the bunch. They didnt talk to each other or work well as a team. Would rather have had a champion team.

I would have moved Kevin into the top 10.
Probably moved Manu one spot down as well to 2 as he broke records and carried the team for so many years. But the rest of the list seems ok.

I loved Jason Death.


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Apr 23, 2012
As above not sure how Dean Bell made the cut based solely on Warriors form.


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Aug 21, 2012
I would have thought both Brent Webb and Jason Death deserved a mention.... both were outstanding for their respective teams in some of the darker periods of Warriors history.

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May 14, 2012
Cant argue with their top 5, pretty much nailed it spot for spot.

Wouldn't have Monty or Dean Bell in there at all (if we're basing it on one season then surely McKinnon's 2007 was far superior to Bell's 95, and PJ Marsh simply shat all over Monty)

Ruben (Price was immensely better) and RTS (at this stage) probably a bit too high.....Logan definitely too high

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