Internationals Pacific Cup Petition

The Pacific Nations national teams have never been so strong or supported by the general public or media and yet here we are early April and the powers that be have only organised one game (a mid season test) for those nations ignoring all the success and momentum created in the RLWC.

The Petition is for the RLIF to make a kickstarter investment in order to create a Pacific Cup played at the end of the year so that these nations may create a tool to acquire revenue for themselves, an incentive for players to continue playing for those nations allowing them to continue to build of the success of the RLWC and build a respectable representative career for themselves. We would also like some of the revenue created by such a tournament to go into player payments as reward for their outstanding achievements they have done for our international game and compensation for the big money, tours and state of orgin honors they have knocked back in order to represent these nations that are seen as lessor in prestige.

Share and sign the petition if you feel the players and fans of the Pacific Nations deserve better.
Australia the first year, maybe PNG or Lebanon as the 4th, New Zealand next year (since they are on tour this year). Obviously its not up to me but when the TV rights allow renegotiation (2022 I think) New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa and Fiji played in New Zealand on the same weekends as Origin would be the best in my opinion.
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Awesome, good on you.

If you've already got the social media, you might as well go the whole hog - make phone calls, knock on doors, that's how any of these comps get started aye.

Maybe an all new fantastic tournament name will be good for differential. Nzmrl are supportive of these things hit em up too.

I'll be on a better connection this afternoon and sign for sure. Awesome.