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May 18, 2012
Auckland, New Zealand
just been reading the sydney morning herald and see that tony williams has signed with the bulldogs can anyone please explain how they are keeping this side under the cap? and is there any other team in the nrl who has signed so many high budget players yet still sit under the cap

Big Budget Players
Ben Barba
Greg Eastwood
Michael Ennis

James graham
Trent hodgkinson
Krisnan Inu
Sam Kasiano
Josh Morris
Frank prichard
David Stagg
Aiden Toleman
Steve Turner
Tony williams

all these guys a big budget players, apart Inu who for this season is only costing them 50 grand but next year he will be on alot, kasiano will be on a new big deal next season. the rest of these guys were all big ticket players when they were signed by the dogs and then they add tony williams who would have to be over 250grand.

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