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I have decided to do some research of Olsen Filipaina, I have decided to do a tribute to a rugby league great by writting a article bout a players career, I have heard my Dad talk bout this player, as he played before my time I will need some help, I have heard there was racisim back in the day and with Olsen Filipaina barely given much game time for his arl side he steped up and won Man of the Series and really dominated and shut down the King Wally Lewis. Can folkes a bit older then me give me some information? Such as a performance by him you will never forget.


There is an interview with him from RLW May 3 edition, quite a good read actually, has all the info on racial troubles he went through and his regrets on the game.


He was famous or infamous for being a poor to ordeinary week in week out club footballer. But come test match time he knocked the socks off the best Australia, Great Britain, PNG and France had to offer.


Thanks for that guys :D

Can anyone tell me the story of how he dominated the series against Wally Lewis, as he got Player of the series he went to shake Wallys hand but Wally turned away.?


Here's what Olsen Filipaina said in an interview about Wally Lewis:

Q: You played 29 Tests and your best series came in 1985 when you outplayed Wally Lewis. How did you enjoy lining up against the King?

OF: I'd never met Wally so after that first Test in '85, I went up to introduce myself. But he just turned his back on me and walked off! At first I was upset. But then I said to myself, "Right mate, I'm going to become your worst f@#$%*g nightmare." And I did.

Q: Have you spoken since?

OF: No, and I wouldn't want to the way he treated me. I certainly understand why the NSW crowds called him a w@#$er.


I was lucky enough to watch Olsen at the peak of his powers for the Hawks (Mangere-East) and I'll never forget it.

He was so strong and those thighs were compared with the great Bee Gee Williams. He always lifted for the battles with Otahuhu, with the scumbags usually coming out on top.

One of the more accurate "toe-pokers" in the game at the time and the influence of, Ernie Wiggs should be noted here.

Never really reached the dizzy heights in Aus, but who cares.

To this day, Olsen remains my all time favourite player.


I read in RLW a few weeks ago the interview with him..he was treated badly..makes me sick!!

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