Internationals Olsen Filipaina RIP tribute thread

Olsen Filipaina has passed. See article below. A thread to pay homage to man who played with immense courage for his country and put in performances that at times upstaged his counterpart Wally Lewis.
A child hood favourite of mine that sometimes couldn't crack first grade due to discrimination in his era.

He rocked my world.

RIP Champion.
Watched the Big o many times playing for the Tigers.
And carving up the Kangaroos at Carlaw Park in the mid 80,s.
Gone way too early.
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I discovered after making this thread there is a parallel discussion in another thread about Olsen passing.
However I feel very strongly that Olsen deserves his own thread. I feel emotional about that point. Even if it only gets a few posts due to duplication of thoughts.
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I know very little about him, but seeing his highlights and hearing about what he went through, it makes David Tua's "O for Olsen" make perfect sense as a tribute to someone a lot of people looked up to. Sad that the quote was misheard and joked about, when he was really paying tribute to this legend. Is there a Hall of Fame for the Kiwis?
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