General Official - Warriors sign Foran


I don't see Witt ever realising his potential. He's exceeded in only one area - goalkicking. Whether he starts at 6 next year is a moot point. He's on borrowed time until someone else plays better than him, which may not be long given our signings, and will not be re-signed. I'd suggest that a player holding down a position in the Broncos at the moment carries a lot more weight than holding down one at the Warriors, and that Moon will have the inside running for pivot.

I read that Wayne Bennett used to give a player 4 years to show what he wanted to see, based on the reasoning that players develop differently. If they didn't he cut them lose. Witt is on 84 games and is on his third club (2 years at each). I wonder if that moment has come here and that the powers that be have simply come to the realisation that he is not taking us where we need to go?

By getting Moon, they are showing the same hand they did with Ropati. A bigger player with the ability to break the line at 6. Witt does not fit that bill. Moon will become a lock eventually, and if Foran kicks on his brother Kieran may be lured over. This must be in their thinking now that Liam is on board

Lots of ifs and buts. All Witt can do is perform... but he really has to now.

That's 100% correct.

I remember when I first saw Witt play for Parramatta, I thought "this kid is going to be something big!" I had the same opinion of him in his first 5 games as I did of Tim Smith, but it seems to me he hasn't really progressed at all, in fact he's probably slid by quite a large margin. I think he's been playing (and this is for the past 4 or so years) at about 75 - 80% of his ability, whether it's a confidence thing or not he needs to address it immediately if he wants any kind of a future in the NRL, or, God forbid, he'll end up selling houses with his brother before he's 27.


Michael's got two bothers btw. Steve is the retired one, as 2b2s pointed out, and the other one Robbie, I think is still playing somewhere


BACK-UP halfback Liam Foran will head to Auckland at the end of the season after signing a three-year deal with the New Zealand Warriors.

Foran, who has struggled for opportunities behind Cooper Cronk, signed the deal on Thursday.

The talented Junior Kiwis halfback has played three NRL games this year.



is reporting that it is only one year contract for 2009 with a one year option for 2010

Foran, 20, who has made three National Rugby League (NRL) appearances for Storm this year, links up with the Warriors on a one-year contract for 2009 with an option for 2010.


its great we have signed him ..there will be alot of competition for the halfback spot next year ..

the paper also said isaac john is stepping up to the top grade next year .....the kid has gotta be doing something right ?.....we are second on the NYC ladder ....
ive watched him alot this year , and i like what ive seen sure he will develope into a good halfback ......who knows him and foran may be our halves combo , next year with
moon and tate in the centres ....
and bad hands ropo on the bench

where does this leave Ravs????? playing for the vulcans next year ?


Take into considering the team, if the whole team plays well, everyone steps up and looks great. When they don' one stands out


Steve, Robbie and Michael ;) (not sure on the order of the last two..whether Robbie is a bit older than Michael..but I heard Michael is the youngest