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May 24, 2013
They certainly look old but I’d be happy to have their energy at their age. I’d heard they were a bit disappointing live so had lowered expectations but I was very pleasantly surprised, amazing concert.
Only downside was because of their large catalogue there were a few surprise omissions, saw the set lists for both the Sydney shows and you could have quite easily gone to both shows and seen almost a different show as there was only about 4 songs that they played both nights.
Saw them as a teen at Supertop. Energetic as. Of course they were buck naked for a lot of it. But that just added to the atmosphere. Most tracks were from Blood Sugar Sex Magic (my fave album) and Freaky Styley. They were crazy and high. Anthony Kiedis was LSD- rehabbed a couple of times by then.
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May 24, 2013
Lotta great tracks in here ... My own musical taste is quite broad & somewhat eclectic

Classical, Folk, Blues (that "Mighty" is some auto text to do with Origin I think lol), Jazz, Rock n Roll, pretty much anything from the 60's, Soul, Funk, 70's Progressive / Experimental / Hard / Rock / Metal, Punk, Reggae, A-capella, Operatic, Most 80's Pop to Rock to Heavy Metal, Thrash / Speed Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Old School Hip Hop / Rap, pretty much anything from the 90's especially Hard / Alt Rock, Hip Hop, Freestyle Rap, Reality / Gangsta Rap, Trip Hop, Drum n Bass, Trance, some Electronica & pretty much any well composed & performed Pop from any era

As a singer / musician myself I found myself starting to get a bit disillusioned around the mid-early 2000's with overly produced modern music a lot of which tends to rely a lot more on image than it does on actual musical talent IMO, but the odd artist still catches my ear & there are still some genuinely talented artists / musicians out there that can actually write & perform their own art / music live without having to rely on image and or over the top production values & audio visual enhancements eg: costumes, vocal auto tuners, harmonizers etc etc

As I went through this thread I saw some cats commenting on their favorite concerts, I've been to so many that I'll only list a few ...

All of the original Big Day Out's before it became overly commercialized & was still a genuine Alt Music Festival, R.E.M, Guns n Roses, Cypress Hill & Ice Cube, Metallica, AC/DC, Nirvana, David Bowie, Pearl Jam, Snoop Dogg, The Three Tenors, Bob Dylan, Foo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, Prodigy, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Crowded House, Fat Freddy's Drop, Shihad, Shapeshifter, HLAH ... etc etc etc

But my all time favorite live show is by a relatively well known Alt / Progressive hard rock band that no one seems to have mentioned on here who also happen to be one of my all time favorite musical acts & they are simply known by one four letter word ... TOOL

In my experience TOOL are either a band that people love with a passion like myself or absolutely hate & that's one of the things I love about this band, you're either all in or you want nothing to do with them ... there is generally no middle ground

I have been to every TOOL concert in NZ, three in Australia & two in the States & as grandiose as it sounds every one of these concerts has been a spiritual experience, not just for myself but for almost all of those in attendance as well, a TOOL concert is not just an ordinary hard rock show where you go along, jump around in the mosh pit & rock out, it is in my experience a spiritual audio visual journey that you take not only with the others in attendance but also the band themselves

TOOL consists of singer & lyricist Maynard James Keenan, guitarist Adam Jones, current bassist Justin Chancellor, original former bassist Paul D'Amor & last but by no means least one of the greatest hard rock drummers to ever lay sticks on a kit Danny Carey, who is right up there with the greats like John Bonham, Keith Moon, Dave Grohl, Neil Peart & Dave Lombardo

What I love about this band musically is that through their unique approach to their art form they have created a space that is completely authentic to who they are as human beings, their songs can be amazingly uplifting with an ethereal like quality to them yet they are simultaneously harsh & bleak which gives them an amazing range & depth uncommon in most modern day music, they are also highly creative in their experimentation with both song structure & time signatures which only serves to add yet another unique layer to their overall sound

The lyrics, all of which are written by their enigmatic lead singer Maynard James Keenan, speak deep truths about the human condition such as learning to cherish & embrace life while also striving to transcend the collective & individual imperfections inherent to all of us

Along with all of that their music videos are pieces of otherworldly art unto themselves which are also mostly created by their guitarist Adam Jones

Here's an example of one of those music videos ... Stinkfist ... a song according to Keenan about choosing compassion over fear

Quick caveat ... all of this music should be listened to at high volume preferably through high quality speakers or headphones

Here's TOOL live at the University of New Orleans Lakefront Arena ... a show which I was fortunate enough to attend in person in 2010

And last but by no means least ... Forty Six & 2 with lyrics ...

And here's the meaning of the song as copied from the accompanying blurb from the same video ...

This is a very complex song. The main idea is a sort of change into a higher state of being.

Right now, humans have 46 chromosomes. It is estimated and presumed that the next stage of evolution will add 2 chromosomes to our DNA, hence the title Forty Six & 2. There are many references to a shadow in the song. This is a reference to Carl Jung's work and theory.

The shadow is everything in us that is unconscious, repressed, undeveloped and denied. These are dark, rejected aspects of our being. There is supposedly good in our shadow, as well. However, since it is only our unconscious, we are unaware of what that good is.

The song talks about stepping through the shadow, longing for a deeper understanding of our unconscious and who we are, leading to a sort of higher state of being. Muscle memory refers to listening to what is natural in our past, and digging deeper into why we did things or why things happened. Same sort of idea with scabs.

The only disappointing aspect about TOOL for hardcore fans such as myself is that we have been waiting for their highly anticipated fifth studio album since 2006 due to a combination of the band taking a well deserved hiatus, law suits, health issues & some relatively minor artistic differences within the band

The good news is that according to various sources the band has been in the process of finalizing recording of the next album since 2017 with a tentative release date of late 2018 early 2019 ... when the album finally does drop TOOL fans around the world, including myself, will be absolutely salivating to finally take that visceral journey of the soul once again with an art form that has become a deeply integral part of our lives
Damn straight! Grohl kept BDO going IMO . Always keen to bring the Foos over. The band's you mentioned were my faves too. Yeah Tool were the other band alternative fans hailed. They are missed. Quite unique. The last one we waited for ages in queue and we heard them start up. The muppets at the gate bungled the entry so badly we had to be content with hearing the first few songs outside. Luckily it was LOUD.


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May 9, 2012
If it's funk you're after check these guys out, multiple members, muso's and singers, but I can't get past the Bassist.

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