General Player of the Year

1. Lillyman
2. Henry
3. Vatuvei

Most Improved: Laumape - this kid's been doing his best week in, week out. Better than both fish and Neilson.

Honourable mention to Mannering (for consistent above average playing performances, not captaincy or leadership).

Most Dissapointing: Bakuya by a country mile, though Mutts is well in front of daylight. Big Ben should be a comp destroyer.

Coaches rating: 7/10 - not bad for a guillotene beneficiary. Next year will the proof in the pudding.

Cappy's off season priorities: 1. Work out what the fuck is up with Mutts.
2. Ingrain in Shaun Johnson that EVERYTHING must be done with purpose - kicks, runs, passes. Additionally, inform Shaun Johnson that looking flash is not a sufficient purpose in the NRL for doing ANYTHING.
3. Make his mind up about who our 6 is going to be (I don't care if he sticks with TL (too old, I know), goes with CT (too much of a show pony... don't need 2 in the halves), or brings someone else up. Pick & stick.
4. Get a bad mofo ex dirll seargent, ex (or current) UFC nail chewer to get these boys (especially the fowards) in top shape. Any who can't keep up or die along the way... leave them by the wayside and find a replacement.