General NZ Warriors Starting Lineup 07


1. McKinnon
2. Ah Van
3. Ropati
4. Mannering
5. Vatuvei
6. Witt
7. Rovelli
8. Wiki
9. Fien
10. Price
11. Luck
12. Lauaki
13. Anderson

14. Swann
15. Gatis
16. Tuimavave
17. Koopu

Witt was bought for a reason so start him Rd 1 for a reason, if he flops back to Ropati for the rest of the year. I agree Hame deserves a start, he's one of our few forwards that have got "the jazz". He was killing it by the end of the year, i'm not sure if Koopu deserves to be in the 17 with Packer & Fai yet to get a start but out of respect he'll probabaly be there come Rd 1.


1. mckinnon
2. whichever winger performed during off season
3. martin
4. mannering
5. vatuvie
6. ropati
7. rovelli
8. price
9. fien
10. wiki
11. luck
12. koopu
13. anderson

14. hohaia
15. tuimivave/rapira
16. fai/lauiki
17. swann

few positions i am undicided on...whoever is performing better at the time in the fai/lauiki and tuimivave/rapira will get the pick and with the amount of wingers we have it will come down to whoever ivan thinks has performed and deserves their postion on the wing during the off season. throughout the season you could tell ivan wasnt afraid to drop someone if they wernt performing and with the amount of depth we have swann, koopu and hohaia are gonna have to be on the heels!


It doesnt faze me who they kick the season off with. The main thing is that as long as it aint a repeat of what happened at the start of last season.With all the experimenting that was done it took six games to get the combo's right.
Patty, I really dont think Koopu will get much gametime this season. Not unless there are a number of injuries.
Young Packer wont figure either. He's much to young and will get smashed at this level. The bigger picture is what role Logan will play. Theres only the 13 jersey that will suit his style, as he is the only one with an offload, in the backrow. But I really feel if Lauaki can get really fit, then this year he may provide us with another Ali type player. Whatever happens, the first couple of weeks into 2007 should be very interesting.


1: Wade McK
2: Vatuvai
3: Martin
4: Ropati
5: Ah Van
6: Witt
7: Grant R
8: Wiki
9: Fien
10: Price
11: Lauaki
12: Anders
13: Mannering

14: Tuimivave
15: Lance H
16: Luck
17: Fai/Rapira


1: Wade McK
2: Vatuvai
3: Mannering
4: Ropati
5: Ah Van
6: Witt
7: Grant R
8: Wiki
9: Fien
10: Price
11: Lauaki
12: Luck
13: Anderson

14: Lance
15: Tuimavave
16: Rapira
17: Fai