General Nz Warriors can't win in NZ?


To put it simply should they call themselves the NZ warriors and claim to represent NZ. When the can't win away from Auckland. It is just an observation but come on.....What do you think New Zealand?
Where are you from does it make a difference? I still think of them as the Auckland Warriors and love them all the same (even though it hurts me....its them making the fools of themselves).
Give them a real simlpy plan cleary.



i think you are a bit right.
they arent the NZ Warriors tho, they are the Voadaphone Warriors. I think the NZ Warriors came from aussie.

they do seem to struggle in places south of the bombays yet seem to go ok across the creek.

i think they should have stayed the auck warriors.



So because they don't win outside of Auckland they shouldn't claim to represent all of New Zealand?

Perhaps because they don't take any games outside of Auckland they shouldn't claim to represent New Zealand as all games outside of Auckland are home games for the opposition.

Doesn't matter though. As long as it's a one team one country club they will represent all the league loving people of NZ no matter where they play their games.

In the end though winning outside of Auckland is just a mental issue that needs to be fixed. Along with a few other things I guess.


It may be an away game in Wellington, but on TV it sounded at times like a home game.

This weekend in Chch it will be an away game BUT there will be more Warriors supporters there than Tigers, you can bet on that ! And we will be louder !

The only difference with home and away games in the rest of new Zealand is that in Dorkland you have the TRIBE Get to gether before hand where in Wellington and Chch you just get the game. Seems a bit stupid as it is OUR team. How come they never have a home game away from Ericcson?

Is it because they rely on others to bring the game to our towns? The Tigers mentioned as did the Eels that they like visiting Nz for home games as it is a great way to bring the NRL to other centres. Maybe it is time that the Warriors do this as well?

I know it woyuld be more appreciated, not that it isn't know.

Anyway rock on Saturday, our FIRST win for the season. And we will be there !!!


If they don't win in New Zealand soon then it will start to become a bit of a psychological hurdle.


Its not just can't win in New Zealand - as per the old saying, I don't think they could organise a root in a brothel with a fist full of $50's.... they have NOTHING!


Yes they should be called the NZ Warriors because even if they are based in Auckland they are the only NRL team in from this country. Why call them the Auckland Warriors when half the time Aucklanders don't even go to matches or take interest?When another team from NZ enters the NRL then change it. As for the winning outside of Auckland thing that has jack all to do with them being called the NZ Warriors.

I have the same problem as Sinbad. Why is it that it is left up to Aussie teams to take the game around our country? Suppose it has to do with Ericsson deals or what ever but its stupid that Aussies are doing it and they're making development deals with the places they go. Suppose its a way to have even more games in NZ.