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Rugby League's "shop window" if you like, and it can't get it's act together to announce dates and times for six rounds of it's draw. EPL, A League, ANBL and Super Rugby announce the whole thing in one hit - okay the EPL draw gets farted around with because of the FA Cup, Champions League, League Cup, Europa Cup and any attendant replays but Super Rugby sticks to the schedule, pretty sure NBA, MBL do...

I'm past the idea that it's better to have game sheduling that allows "the ultimate grudge match/the second grand final replay/the battle of last year's preliminary final losers/etc" to be scheduled a month in advance so it's on the primo Friday slot for that round as opposed to the - before January - locking in of the game at 5:30PM Saturday when everyone's out getting shitfaced and chasing chicks. I've long argued that this is an idea fraught with danger ie what if the teams rated 1 and 2 when the Rd 24 game was booked for Friday (at Rd 17 time) turn to shit in the next month? If the teams are good enough, the punters will watch whatever the time or day and who cares what the pre-season expectation for that game was.... C'mon, NRL, give us the full detailed schedule in one big hit.

The Draw for the first 20 Rds for 2014 was delayed by a day or two, looks like this might be becoming a habit.


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The Draw for the first 20 Rds for 2014 was delayed by a day or two, looks like this might be becoming a habit.
The original release contained errors in days and times

Last 6 rounds dates have been released

Round 21 ,Raiders V Warriors Sun 03 Aug, 2:00 PM (local), GIO Stadium
Round 22 ,Warriors V Sharks Sun 10 Aug, 4:00 PM (local), Mt Smart Stadium
Round 23 ,Knights V Warriors Sun 17 Aug, 2:00 PM (local), Hunter Stadium
Round 24 ,Warriors V Roosters Sun 24 Aug, 2:00 PM(local), Mt Smart Stadium
Round 25 ,Warriors V Titans Sun 31 Aug, 4:00 PM (local), Mt Smart Stadium
Round 26 ,Panthers V Warriors Sun 07 Sep, 6:30 PM(local), Sportingbet Stadium

Will be re-released ASAP...


This year yet?
Really dont get why they dont realease the whole draw at the start of the season, i know its because of channel 9 but does any other sport do this?


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Schedule for final six rounds to be released Friday


The full schedule for Rounds 21-26 of the 2014 NRL Telstra Premiership will be announced on on Friday, July 4. Credit: Col Whelan Copyright: NRL Photos

The schedule for the final six rounds of the Telstra Premiership has been finalised and will be released tomorrow, Friday, July 4.

An NRL spokesman said the release had been delayed to ensure a five day turnaround between games to protect players in the game.

This has now been satisfied and the schedule for rounds 21 to 26 will be released tomorrow.


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A costly Thursday night’s viewing for NRL as game loses millions in gate takings
20 HOURS AGO JULY 03, 2014 12:00AM

THE NRL has reluctantly given Channel Nine four Thursday night blockbuster games in the final rounds of the premiership, angering fans and costing the game millions of dollars in gate takings.

It’s estimated the scheduling will cost the code up to 100,000 in crowd figures in the final four rounds from stay-at-home fans at a time when attendance figures have just recovered from a disastrous start to the year.

Senior NRL officials don’t want anything to do with 7.45pm Thursday kick-offs but are legally obliged, under its contract with Channel Nine, to include five matches in the timeslot on the schedule every season for the next four years.

The Thursday nights schedule includes:

*Round 23 Rabbitohs v Broncos at ANZ Stadium;

*Round 24 Eels v Sea Eagles at Parramatta Stadium

*Round 25 Bulldogs v Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium; and

*Round 26 Roosters v Rabbitohs at Allianz Stadium.

The TV deal was done by the previous administration before Dave Smith took over.

Fans voiced their outrage on social media on Tuesday afternoon over the Thursday night scheduling.

“More the reason to not be a member, impossible to get families to Nrl = clowns.” said David on Twitter.

“Once again made for television only — not made for the fans. Regional fans locked out of games due to travel, said Matt Roberts.

The club were not happy either.

Bulldogs CEO Raelene Castle said the club was disappointed with the scheduling of the Rabbitohs blockbuster in Round 25 on a Thursday night.

“On a Sunday afternoon we would have got 40 to 50,000,” she said.

“On a Thursday night it’s far more challenging and probably more like 30,000.

“I know we have a broadcaster that pays us a lot of money but the network would also prefer to have a product with full stadiums.”

Channel Nine boss David Gyngell was sticking to his guns last night when asked about the impact the scheduling had on fans and clubs.

“It gives fans an extra live game each week on free-to-air,” Gyngell said.

“And it gives the NRL a bigger build-up to the semi-finals.

“The clubs have got to remember they used to get grants of $4.5 million and they’re now getting $7 million from the money we and Fox Sports are paying them.

“The money they get from television is more than what they might lose in crowds.”

South Sydney played the Roosters on a Thursday night in round one to launch the season on a Thursday night and attracted only 27,000 fans on a school night.

As a result, round one crowds were down by 20 per cent.

Had it been played 24 hours later on the more traditional Friday night kick-off time at ANZ Stadium, officials believe they would have got 40,000 to the game.

Crowds have since recovered after 16 rounds to be level with last year’s figures.

The competition’s most overexposed team, the Broncos, have again drawn prime-time spots in five of the last six rounds.

The Eels too were disappointed at having their blockbuster against Manly in Round 24 scheduled on a Thursday night.

“While we do value our broadcast partners, it’s important that the interests of our 18,000 members are also considered in these decisions,” said CEO Scott Seward.

“Thursday night football can be difficult for families and this will obviously impact the crowd for such an important game.”

Without the TV revenue the game is dead in the Water. TV owns all sports.

Deal with it.

People who go to every game need to learn how to embrace the costs savings of a beer at home and I challenge them to get Pizza delivered to their seats at the ground.

Can't turn the heater on at the ground

It never rains in the lounge

There is no law against starting a Warriors chant or a mexican Wave of one participant