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Here is a list of players Eligible to play for the NZ Maori in the opener to the World Cup against the Aboriginals. I went all out because the Abo's chose 70 players so I figured I'd try and match that. There's still a few names to add to the list but I thought I'd better post this in case my computer crashes, it's taken me too long to start again.

All up there is 82 players in this list so far, 38 Backs and 44 Forwards.

So far it's only consisting of players out of the NRL, NYC and Superleague. There's another 50 in NSW cup and Qcup.

Players eligible to play for the NZ Maori.


Alex Glenn (Broncos. Centre/Stand off/Lock)
Jared Kahu (Broncos. Standoff)
Tim Winitana (Bulldogs. Centre)
Mason Pure (Bulldogs. Winger)
Arana Taumata (Storm*. Half/Standoff/Hooker)
Brendan Hikaka (Bulldogs. Fullback)
Shane Pumipi (Sharks. Standoff)
Bracken Karauria-Henry (Sharks. Standoff/Centre)
Tu'u Maori (Sharks. Winger/Centre/Second Row/Standoff)
Jordan Rapana (Titans. Winger/Centre)
Kaine Manihera (Broncos. Winger)
Benji Marshall (Tigers. Standoff/Half)
Lance Hohaia (Warriors. Utility)
Ryan Shortland (Warriors. Centre)
Rusty Bristow (Warriors. Centre)
Angus Cameron (Warriors. Half)
Jody Henry (Warriors. Half)
Isaac John (Warriors. Half)
Chevvy Penehoe (Bulldogs. Centre)
Kurt Kara (Warriors. Centre)
Kevin Locke (Warriors. Fullback)
Howie Matthews (Warriors. Wing)
Nafe Seluini (Warriors. Wing)
Daniel O'Regan (Warriors. Standoff/Lock)
Jason Cook (Warriors. Wing)
Clinton Toopi** (Leeds. Centre)
Henry Paul (Harlequins. Half/Standoff/Fullback/Hooker)
Jake Webster (Hull KR. Wing)
Paul Whatuira (Huddersfield. Centre)
Bronx Goodwin (Raiders. Fullback)
Darren Tonihi (Cowboys. Standoff)
Chase Stanley (Dragons. Centre/Wing/Second Row)
Dean Whare (Dragons. Centre)
Kyle Stanley (Dragons. Centre/Wing)
Bryson Goodwin (Sharks. Wing)
Matthew Parata (Tigers. Fullback/centre)
Sam Perrett (Roosters. Fullback/Centre/Wing)

Greg Eastwood (Broncos. Lock/Utility)
Wiremu Ratana (Broncos. Prop)
Lee Te Maari (Bulldogs. Lock/Second Row)
Fraser Anderson (Sharks. Second Row/Centre)
James Stosic (Titans. Prop)
Billy Ngawini (Titans. Hooker)
Kenny Edwards (Manly. Prop)
Michael Tiopira (Manly. Second Row)
Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (Manly. Second Row)
Kevin Proctor (Storm. Second Row)
Adam Blair (Storm. Prop/Second Row)
Jesse Royal (Knights. Prop)
Jason Schirnack (Knights. Lock)
David Faiumu (Huddersfield. Hooker)
Tonie Carroll (Broncos. Lock)
Nathan Cayless (Eels. Prop)
Weller Hauraki (Eels. Second Row)
David Kidwell (Souths. Second Row)
Isaac Luke (Souths. Hooker)
Ben Ellis (Dragons. Hooker)
Rangi Chase (Dragons. Hooker)
Ricky Thorby (Dragons. Prop)
Bronson Harrison (Tigers. Second Row)
Wairangi Koopu (Warriors. Second Row/Centre)
Sam Rapira (Warriors. Prop)
Steve Rapira (Warriors. Second Row)
Ruben Wiki (Warriors. Prop)
Russel Packer (Warriors. Prop)
Scott Jones (Warriors. Lock)
Aaron Pawley (Warriors. Hooker)
Elijah Taylor (Warriors. Second Row)
Kurt Tehira (Warriors. Second Row)
Kylie Leuluai (Leeds. Prop)
Alex Chan (Les Catalans. Prop)
Jason Cayless (St Helens. Prop)
Paul Rauhihi (Warrington. Prop)
Louis Anderson (Warrington. Second Row)
Vinnie Anderson (Warrington. Second Row/Utility)
Awen Guttenbiel (Castleford. Second Row)
Corey Parker (Broncos. Second Row)
Sam Faust (Cowboys. Second Row)
Chris Faust (Cowboys. Second Row)
Rory O'Brien (Dragons. Prop)
Tinirau Arona (Panthers. Second Row)

* Arana Taumata's contract with the Storm is yet to be confirmed.
** Unavailable for this game.
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Now that I look at it, I think we've got the players there to certainly equal the Indigenous side. They'll lose a few of their players and we will as well, not only to NZ though but also Tu'u Maori has been selected in the PNG squad, and Faiumu and Leuluai have been selected in the Samoa squad.


Also, while I was searching for information on the NZ Maori League team I stumbled upon this, a book about the NZ Maori in Rugby League that has just been released over the weekend. I'm sure a few of you NZ based people would of seen it but not a lot of us over in OZ have heard about it.


I'm sending away for my copy right now, looks like a good read.


My likely line up, not including players that should be picked for NZ or that I think won't play the game ie. Wiki, Carroll etc.

1. Lance Hohaia
2. Jordan Rapana
3. Paul Whatuira
4. Jake Webster (apparently he has been in outstanding form for Hull KR)
5. Bronx Goodwin
6. Daniel O'Regan (big call here but who else do we have? Taumata would be my choice but I can't see him being cleared to play in this game.)
7. Rangi Chase
8. Paul Rauhihi (c)
9. Ben Ellis
10. Jason Cayless (can't believe he didn't get picked for NZ, he's better than his brother)
11. David Kidwell
12. Wairangi Koopu
13. Greg Eastwood

14. Billy Ngawini
15. Lee Te Maari
16. James Stosic
17. Weller Hauraki


If Wairangi is off to RU he should not be included in the Maori line up. Have the Andersons got Maori blood as well as Tongan?


If Wairangi is off to RU he should not be included in the Maori line up. Have the Andersons got Maori blood as well as Tongan?

Why shouldn't Wairangi be included? He's been the face of Maori Rugby League for the past decade and deserves a final send off. Yeah the Andersons father Warwick is half Maori/Pakeha. Their Mother is Tongan.


I believe Jason Nightingale of the Dragons may be eligible too, however I'm only basing this on a comment he made prior to the centenary test match where he said that his cousins, who have more Maori blood than him went through the haka with him. That suggests to me that Jason has some Maori blood, just not as much as his cousins.


Yeah I thought that could of been the case. I'm sure there is a lot of other players out there too with Maori Grandparents that you just don't know about. Like Tony Brown, Paul Tito and Jason Eaton.

The Aboriginal side named Luke Walsh and Ben Jeffries who must only be 1/32 part Aboriginal, they're whiter than snow.

I only just found out a month ago that Corey Parker's mother is a Ngai Tahu Maori born in Invercargill. Surely there are a bunch of other Australians with Maori parents or grandparents that could qualify. I'm not 100% on this, but I also believe Jonathon Thurstons father is half Maori, he was definitely born in NZ but I'm not sure where.


That's correct, I haven't actually seen him play at all, but from what I've heard he's better than his brother and a very highly sought after prospect. Chase Stanley has so much potential but he seems to be suffering from 2nd year syndrome.

Here's Kyle, playing in the Arrive Alive cup.


Samoan Souljah_old

Kyle is actually injured. Done his knee again earlier in the year.. should be back soon. He has played in the halves for the dragons 20s but also played fullback for the mattys or sg ball team.. good kicking game on him and good defender.