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Negative Nancy
Mar 30, 2012
Updated back now. If you still see it you will need to
1) click on the link below
2) when the nzbroncos image appears, press f5 on keyboard to refresh. If on mobile, click on refresh icon in browser.

After that it should be fine.


Warriors Orange Peeler
Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
Have we won that bet yet .
Bronco's fans are good fun when they are over here
Broncos HQ 2.jpg

Lost a couple times now...


Off The Bench

Warriors 1st Grader
Jan 26, 2014
Was that the first one when we were on our winning streak last year ?
Or is that one we are keeping for Sunday best.


Warriors 1st Grader
Jul 12, 2013
Didn't keep track of the Broncos team list / build up thread or the game day thread. I was wandering if the bet was on. Saw a post from one of the Broncos forum guys after the game, might not have noticed it otherwise.

Don't mind having these bets with the Broncos fans. They seem like pretty good guys. Welcome us over on their site and don't throw the win too much in your face.

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