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Apparently, it was mentioned on Mai FM this morning there is a betting scandal involving the Reds and a NRL team based in Queensland that is related to betting. Did anyone else here this, and does anyone know anything about this??


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QUEENSLAND sports star Karmichael Hunt has been charged for supplying cocaine, after a sting involving the state’s Crime and Corruption Commission.

The Queensland Reds fullback and vice-captain, 28, met with detectives last night where he was issued a notice to appear in court over four counts of supplying the drug.

Hunt’s charges follows that of former rugby league stars Jason Smith and Matt Seers who police and CCC allege were part of a multimillion-dollar cocaine cartel.

The CCC this morning released a statement that said the charges stemmed from an investigation into a cocaine trafficking syndicate in southeast Queensland.

Hunt and two men and a woman were last night issued their notices to appear in court, with the CCC alleging they “arranged for the supply of cocaine for personal use or to on-supply cocaine to friends and colleagues between June and December last year”.

Hunt has been listed in the start up side against the Western Force at Suncorp Stadium tomorrow.

Highly-decorated and known for his successful “code-hopping”, he previously played for AFL team Gold Coast Suns and rugby league team Brisbane Broncos.

He won the Dally M Rookie of the year for the Broncos in 2004, later playing in the Queensland and Australian league teams.

Smith, also a former Queensland and Australian league representative, was charged with trafficking cocaine in Toowoomba between June and December last year after the six-month CCC investigation.

Seers, who played league for NSW, is also charged with trafficking and supplying the drug on the Gold Coast and Toowoomba last year and has been banned from contacting Smith.

Two years ago Hunt said the AFL and NRL’s drug testing policies were similar and thorough.

“Mate, they are pretty much the same,” he said at the time.

“All I know is I get tested a lot and always have. Ever since my second year in league, I couldn’t count how many times I’ve had to do it.”

Hunt is due to appear in the Southport Magistrates Court on March 5.


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Given that he has been charged i would have to think that they see Hunt as a high publicity win for the police. I dont see him doing jail time, but nor do i see him getting off.

Jordan G

Already had them pegged for the spoon, but the Titans just leap from controversy to controversy off the field as well at the moment. Shambles.
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It will be interesting to see how wide this goes. Will it spread further than a few Titans players.

Our isolation causes us issues in recruitment and can impact performance with all of the travelling. But with an issue like this we are most likely going to be away from it all. See players should come here it's good for your career.

Got to love the Chris Garry tweet. Translation = Integrity unit checking to see if any of the players have been naughty boys.

Does the NRL drug testing cover recreational drugs?
I suspect cocaine cycles out of your system pretty fast so the players probably think it's worth the risk. Also doesn't affect their weight like alcohol.
According to the roar it's a 24 and a 27 year old. There's about 5 players who fit the profile from the Titans.
Stay tuned this could be a massive story!
(Mods delete if this is going to cause shit)

But by my reckoning, the ALLEGED players could be two of the following:
Anthony Don (27)
Beau Falloon (27)
Matt Robinson (24)
Eddy Pettybourne (27)
Suiatonga Likiliki (24) - thought he'd been cut, but he's still on the Titans Wiki page

Unless it's a player outside of the top 25 or those ages are complete crap, the above players are the ones that fit.
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Jordan G

What a Falloon. Quite liked him as a hooker, and the Titans were willing to let Srama go to fit him in. Now he's gone and blown it.

How lucky are the Titans that Srama changed his mind about leaving though?

Having said that Moseley is an absolute gun and would have overtaken any other hooker they had by season's end anyway.
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