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Moreton Daily Stadium
02 Apr 2022 05:00PM

# Player Player #
1 R.Walsh F.Niu 1
2 A.Pompey C.Oates 2
3 J.Arthars K.Staggs 3
5 M.Montoya H.Farnworth 4
6 C.Harris-Tavita S.Cobbo 5
7 K.Nikorima A.Kelly 6
8 A.Fonua-Blake A.Reynolds 7
9 W.Egan R.James 8
10 M.Lodge J.Turpin 9
11 E.Aitken P.Haas 10
12 E.Katoa K.Palasia 11
13 J.Curran P.Carrigan 13
14 J.Tevaga T.Flegler 14
15 B.Afoa K.Hetherington 15
17 J.Murchie T.Robati 16
20 B.Murdoch-Masila B.Walters 17
24 S.Johnson C.Jensen 20
25 E.Kosi B.Lee 23


Love how his actual nickname is princess!
Well now Kosi is in we are definately favourites right?
I guarantee if Kosi has a one on one with his opposing wing 10 metres out of the try line he will chip and chase. I guess even though I don't rate Kosi he has at least played 5 NRL games so he is the more conservative choice out of Kosi vs Ratuva. So for that move I am pleased that Brown is picking by the odds and being senisble and conservative.

His other option was to put Aitken at centre then he could have left Pompey at wing.

Where is Pene what happened to him? Injured.

Anyway win lose or draw we get to see our premier spine together so let's see if they all click.
We know that Chanel Harris-Tavita and Reece Click - will Shaun Johnson click with Walsh.
This is going to be 14 shades of awesome to watch.
Johnson was trying too much to do it by himself in the first game. I hope the presence of Walsh and the fact we actually have a win makes him play in a more team oriented way this week. Shaun Johnson is probably better than Reynolds in my opinion but you would choose Reynolds over him given how injury prone Sean is.

Its actually happening. Johnson and Walsh together. This is the Warriors equivalent of Tom Turbo and DCE or Ponga and Pearce.
Also I don't where to post this so it can go here.
Hindsight and 20 20 rear view vision shows that Old Mate Kane Evans was hard out correct to crack some skulls when guys took runs at us last year. We were never winning the premiership last year so at least stand up for your dignity and pop some kents when they get abusive. Kane made a big difference to our team last year. Had he not been suspended for the first 5 games this year I am sure we would have kept him too.

Fullback Reece vs Tesi Double Advantage Warriors

Montoya vs Oates Even

Pompey vs Staggs – Advantage Broncos

Arthars vs Farnsworth – Advantage Broncos

Kosi vs Cobbo – Double Advantage Broncos

Chanel Harris-Tavita vs Kelly even – if anything Chanel Harris-Tavita as he can tackle better

Shaun Johnson vs Reynolds – mouth watering match up call it even

Addin Fonua-Blake vs Ryan James – Advantage Warriors

Egan vs Turpin – Advantage Warriors

Lodge vs Haas – Double Advantage Broncos. Lodge is great. Haas is next level.

Euan Aitken vs Palasai – Even

Curran vs Robati – Double Advantage Warriors the origin talk is legit

Jazz vs Carrigan – Shock horror based on my posting record but Advantage Warriors based on the recent version of Jazz. Jazz is under rated on our forum at the moment and Carrigan reads his own press clippings too much.


Kodi vs Billy Walters – even both aren’t much chop

Katoa vs Flegler – Advantage Broncos Flegler is a big IN for them this week.

Afoa vs Hetherington – Advantage Warriors as this is Afoa’s best season he has ever played.

Ben Murdoch-Masila vs Brenko Lee – Even


Broncos - 7 Advantage points

Warriors – 7 Advantage points

Verdict too close to call.
I would say in terms of sub plots:
1) Ed Kosi is playing for his short term future tomorrow. If he goofs up I reckon they might go Ratuva next time.
2) Ben Murdoch-Masila also will want to make tomorrow count. His ball security and ball handling has not been determined enough in past matches. Has been good for a turn over or error in every match. If he can be tomorrow who we thought we were getting when we signed him it will go a long way to us winning. The fact he was picked ahead of Murchie means Ben Murdoch-Masila must be training well and putting his hand up for selection,.
3) Cometh the hour cometh the man. Who will be the hero tomorrow night Shaun Johnson or Reynolds both have 100s of thousands of fans hopes riding on their broad shoulders. They will be aware of each other out there.
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