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yeah there was a bit in the courier mail from last year I think bro apparently the "gangsta" rap dudes girlfriend admitted to him that she had slept with Ben Teo in the past so in a fit of jealousy he home-invaded Teo's place with the brother of Schappelle Corby to bash Teo

Only he wasnt even home so they slapped his two brothers around. They got arrested he got community service because of all the community work he does and Shappelles brother went to jail... it was a comedy of errors anyways, less ' straight outa compton ' and more like a scene straight out of ' Lock Stock and two smoking Barrells ' from what Ive heard


This is what happens when you believe your own music videos I guess
Russell Crowe and UFO's anyone? fark me days, Ken Arthurson must be gonna jump out of one of those suckers and take over the NRL haha!


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Dugan and Ferguson have been stood down indefinitely for breaching team policies.

Onit while injured, bad. Drinking a Cruiser just makes it so much worse!!!​
Sam Thaiday out for one week for handling ref...[DOUBLEPOST=1366677541,1364982058][/DOUBLEPOST]Bulldogs boss to become NRL assistant boss. Old NZRL Jim Doyle is also tipped to get a high ranking job...

The NRL has announced Greenberg as the new Head of Football while Doyle has been named Chief Operating Officer


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Big shit storm going to hit the NRL tomorrow night with some women claiming to have been bashed by 3 NRL players. Interview on Channel 9. Sorry can't post the link (if somebody would be so kind to put it up) but there's a preview on YouTube and twitter is blowing up about it...
Apparently something big is going to break in rugby league news this afternoon (per the mole on twitter)... something involving origin and some drama of some sort...

The Mole@RLW_Mole 19m
Moley hearing big drama is about to break in rugby league #headsdown
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The Mole@RLW_Mole 8s
Now the shit is REALLY about to hit the fan... #minutes

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Apparently relates to Dugan and Ferguson in origin camp - moving post to there!
Soooooooo....if someone was to come into the possesion of a photo of a certain Souths player in a incompromising position.....would it be wrong to publish it here???