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Anything that doesnt fit in an existing discussion, feel free to post here - match footage, player interviews, lolzy videos or the like.
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Anyone see the new commercial for the NRL membership drive? I have to say, this is the first time I've ever see the NRL produce something which was of such high, professional, polished quality. Hopefully it is a sign of where the game's headed. Loved the simplicity of the logos at the end. The NRL has been crying out for production like this for years.


Anyone see the new commercial for the NRL membership drive? I have to say, this is the first time I've ever see the NRL produce something which was of such high, professional, polished quality. Hopefully it is a sign of where the game's headed. Loved the simplicity of the logos at the end. The NRL has been crying out for production like this for years.
No. is there a link?
Anyone see the new commercial for the NRL membership drive? I have to say, this is the first time I've ever see the NRL produce something which was of such high, professional, polished quality. Hopefully it is a sign of where the game's headed. Loved the simplicity of the logos at the end. The NRL has been crying out for production like this for years.
It's pretty Slick without going over the top.

Very Sydney Centric though, It reminds me of the Winfield Cup Campaigns in that regard , Eels , Dogs , Panthers feature large.
Blue collar return to roots etc.....and then they spoil it with that cheesy potato head Ricky Stewart........
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So, which one of the players on that ad is going to inherit the curse, fuck up bigtime and have the ad chopped or have themselves cut out of it!??


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2013 State of Origin
Game I - June 5
Game III - July 17

ANZ Stadium
Ticketing Information

The 2013 State of Origin series will be one of the most exciting Rugby League events of the year, with Queensland attempting to secure a record eighth straight series win, and New South Wales looking to use the two home games at ANZ Stadium to their advantage to break the drought.

Game I and III of the 2013 State of Origin series will be held at ANZ Stadium, with Game I on June 5, and Game III on July 17.

Ticketed Club Members will be able to purchase their tickets from Wednesday, November 28, at 10am until Thursday, November 29 at 9pm.

How to secure your tickets
You can secure your tickets to Game I and III of the 2013 State of Origin series at ANZ Stadium online via from 10am Wednesday November 28 (AEDT) to 9pm Thursday November 29 (AEDT).

You must use the password below to purchase your tickets.


The 2013 Origin Series will again be subject to dynamic pricing meaning that ticket prices will increase as we get closer to the event and people that purchase early are rewarded with the lowest price tickets. The first price review will occur on Friday December 21. Make sure you purchase early to avoid price increases.

Event Details
2013 State of Origin: Game I
Wednesday June 5, 2013
ANZ Stadium, Sydney

2013 State of Origin: Game III
Wednesday July 17, 2013
ANZ Stadium, Sydney

Too early to start an Origin 2013 thread I reckon but I just got this email. If anyone is interested in using my password code then PM me and I'll give it to you. And no, its not XXXXXX !!


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Probably not interesting enough for its own thread but definately something that has a huge effect on the comp...

Bundaberg Rum pulls out of NRL sponsorship

Wests Tigers players celebrate with the trophy after beating Canberra Raiders in the 2012 Toyota Cup Grand Final - next season the contest could simply be called the NRL U20's Cup. Source: The Daily Telegraph

INCOMING NRL boss David Smith will need to school-up on sponsorship negotiations as the code braces for a complete overhaul of its biggest commercial partners.

Bundaberg Rum is the latest NRL sponsor to call fulltime on its association, while Toyota is not guaranteed to continue its support of the national youth (under 20) competition.

The competition's naming rights holder, Telstra, continues to consider its future role.

Harvey Norman last month announced it would no longer sponsor State of Origin after 15 years of naming rights..

The potential exit of four of the game's biggest sponsors could leave the new ALRC regime with an eight-figure hole to fill in their budget, but insiders are confident of securing replacements before next year's competition begins.

The ALRC is also on the verge of announcing a new broadcast deal across the Tasman, with interim CEO Shane Mattiske travelling to New Zealand this week for discussions with Sky NZ.

Bundaberg has been involved since 2007, when the rum distillery switched rugby codes to support the re-birth of Monday Night Football.

It also has naming rights of the third tier NSW open age competition, the Bundy Cup, and more recently sponsored Channel 9's Friday Night Football coverage.

Bundaberg said it was a "change in strategy", as opposed to "any dissatisfaction with rugby league."

A well-placed source said Bundaberg wanted to reposition its image toward a wealthier demographic, as supported by the distillery's sponsorship of the Australian Masters golf in Melbourne.

"Across a number of levels, Bundaberg Rum has been a strong supporter of the NRL and we are proud of the contribution we have made to the game," a spokeswoman said. "The move is part of
an overall change to our sponsorship strategy and not a reflection of any dissatisfaction with rugby league."

Toyota was more tight-lipped about its ongoing negotiations to sponsor the NYC, which it has supported since the concept's birth in 2008.

Pending an outcome with Toyota, the feeder competition has reverted to being called "The Under 20s Cup".

"Toyota are currently in discussions with the NRL with a view to continuing our existing Toyota Cup naming rights sponsorship," a spokesman said. "We are not in a position to comment further until this process has been concluded."

NRL marketing boss Paul Kind said the changes had been anticipated.

"We had always factored some change in our sponsorship portfolio this year."


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NRL star Liam Foran tells of kidnap ordeal

Yahoo!7 December 2, 2012, 11:28 am

An NRL star has opened up on his travelling ordeal where he was kidnapped and robbed of $6000.

Liam Foran, who plays for Manly, was on a family holiday in China when he was captured by eight men who demanded money from the star.

Foran was on a holiday with the family to explore the Great Wall of China, News Limited reports.

The 24-year-old was walking back to his accommodation alone after a family dinner when he was taken to an empty warehouse and his captors demanded money.

His assailants had a plastic bag with EFTPOS machines and, although Foran was carrying little cash, demanded funds from the star.

"When they first asked for money, I wasn't carrying very much," Foran told The Daily Telegraph.

"I wasn't too keen to hand over anything, either. I was saying, 'No, you're not getting my money because I don't have any'.

"But they weren't really taking no for an answer.

"When I realised that they were getting serious with what they wanted, I was out-numbered, so I didn't want to push any wrong buttons.

"Once they had my wallet, they swiped my card once and as soon as it got approved they just threw me out the door and said 'go'. It's the first time something like that's happened to me and it does shake you up a bit.

"I can't see myself probably going back (to China)."

The ordeal, which was not reported to Chinese police as Foran was leaving the country the next day, lasted about an hour.

Now Foran hopes he can get his money back from travel insurance and forget the entire incident.

"As soon as I got home I shut down my account and from what I've been told I should be able to get all my money back," Foran said.

"We had a family dinner and then everyone was heading out but I decided I was going to head home.

"So I took off on my own. Looking back, I probably shouldn't have left them but at the same time you don't expect those kinds of things to happen. We climbed the Great Wall of China with [brother and fellow Manly star] Kieran and my sister and dad. That kind of stuff you won't forget but after what happened it has left a bad taste in my mouth."

This actually happened to some friends of mine in China. They were strung along by 2 women and taken to a upstairs to a building thinking they were in for a good time but instead were confronted by a gang of thugs who robbed them and told them to go or 'else'! Wonder how Liam came to be with those thugs?
Seen the same thing happen here in reverse.

Chinese Fullah crashed into the wrong car ( neither party had insurance ) . Chinese fullah was taken to an eftpos machine and ....well he paid for the damages up to the value of the shit heap he dented.


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Bit of tongue in cheek Christmas wish lists from the web...

The secret Christmas wishes of NRL coaches

SANTA Claus will be visiting all 16 NRL coaches tonight, and he might deliver a much-needed gift or two.

Here are some possible Christmas wishes:

Broncos: A player who can close out a game, or at least gain a repeat set of six when a result is in the offing.
Losing seven of their final eight matches in 2012 is evidence that someone like veteran Scott Prince is a most valuable gain.

Bulldogs: A mouth guard and lie detector for James Graham.
Surely Jimmy - and maybe his mum - is the only person who believed he did not bite Billy Slater in the grand final.
We might be descendants of convicts James, but we do have eyes.

Cowboys: A dictionary for James Tamou so he can grasp the meaning of loyalty.
He re-signed with the Cowboys out of loyalty - a fine gesture - but Kiwis will not forget his lack of allegiance when choosing to play for the Kangaroos, ahead of his country of birth.

Dragons: Coach Steve Price hopes to wake tomorrow morning with a Johnathan Thurston lookalike in his stocking.
With skipper Ben Hornby retired and likely replacement Kyle Stanley already gone for 2013, the Dragons desperately need an on-field director.

Eels: Ricky Stuart is so focused and determined that he would probably consider anything from Santa outside assistance.
Besides, after missing out on Israel Folau, Stuart appreciates that gifts from above are unrealistic anyway.

Knights: Just want big Nathan Tinkler to pay the bills, and on time.
The big fella may have saved the Knights 12 months ago, but unless he either parts with some assets or finds a quick-fix cash-flow business, Benny's boys may soon be back to square one.

Panthers: A new mop and bucket so Phil Gould and Ivan Cleary can continue clearing the decks.
They used 33 players in 2012, 10 of them have gone and a dozen newcomers have joined the ranks. Changing the culture, however, will take some time.

Rabbitohs: Copious DVDs of Russell Crowe movies including his first, The Crossing, so the boys at Redfern can never forget their Gladiator, the man who transformed their club.
Maybe they might miss Russell a tad more than big Dave Taylor.

Raiders: How about 26 premiership games from skipper Terry Campese - now that would be a gift.
And a start to 2013 that mirrored their finish to 2012 would be applauded by David Furner and his new assistant, Brett Kimmorley.

Sharks: Just a premiership thanks, their first after 46 years.
And with a cast of a thousand stars joining a line-up that finished seventh this past season, great expectations abound.
Gallen and Carney, however, remain the two main men.

Roosters: With a new coach, new chief executive and new skipper, the Roosters already have an abundance of shiny toys in their stocking.
Perhaps coach Trent Robinson could utilise a big stick to bring Sonny Bill back to earth, and a strong skipper to control his ego.

Sea Eagles: A Melbourne Storm blueprint so Geoff Toovey can turn blokes on the scrapheap in to premiership winners, as Craig Bellamy does year after year.
Of their dozen newcomers, not one could be considered an NRL regular.

Storm: The only club that failed to send off a request to the big man in the red suit - it needed nothing in particular.
The genius coach probably thinks all his Christmases came at once the year he received Cameron Smith, Cooper Cronk and Billy Slater.

Tigers: Where does Santa start?
Maybe in the boardroom, where the squabbling is at fever pitch?
A Lotto win, so they can pay sacked coach Tim Sheens?
Or a position for expensive new buy Braith Anasta? Help Santa, help.

Titans: Anyone who can fit in to a No.7 jersey, can kick tactically, has good hands and has actually played halfback previously with some success.
And a series of work ethics lessons for Dave Taylor and Jamal Idris.

Warriors: The identical request to every other year - to play to their potential and make Mt Smart Stadium a graveyard for visiting teams.
The Warriors make coach killing an art form, with newcomer Matt Elliott their ninth in 19 seasons.
A very NRL Christmas

Intrepid correspondent Adam Lucius has been given special access to the letter the NRL sent to Santa this year. The results may be surprising.
Dear Santa,
We know we're cutting it fine but here's our NRL wishlist for all 16 clubs ahead of the 2013 season - hand-delivered by some bloke with a Welsh accent who wanted to know if Cameron Thurston was going to stay at North Sydney or shift to the Canberra Bulldogs.

Brisbane: Christmas came early for the Broncos in the shape of the 2013 draw, which has them playing more Friday nights than a cheap covers band. Some of the younger players were unaware until recently that MNF stands for Monday Night Footy and not Match Next Friday.

Canberra: A premiership for Blake Ferguson. Well, he did move to Canberra to win a comp because apparently they stood a better chance than former club Cronulla. Just don't remind Fergy. The last bloke who did copped a gobful at a music festival.

Canterbury: An apocalyptic replay. Des Hasler is filthy the Mayans got it wrong because he was well prepared for the end of the world, planning to bunker the Bulldogs down in their Belmore survival chamber in the hope they would ride out Armageddon and emerge as the only contender for the 2013 crown.

Cronulla: Another drama-filled year at Wests Tigers. That should help deliver Benji Marshall and Robbie Farah to the Shire and the takeover will be complete. The Sharks are like the bloke who watches a couple have a blue before moving in to console the female with a reassuring word, arm around the shoulder and lecherous intentions.

Gold Coast: A cattle prod for Jamal Idris. We're not sure if he's still on the Titans' books but, if so, would someone mind ringing the big fella and remind him he was signed as an impact player. If he's no longer playing, we apologise for asking.

Manly: A new house. Brookie Oval is as dilapidated as some of Manly's ageing forwards but there is no love or money from government to renovate. The situation is that bad the corporate area resembles a toilet. Oh wait, the toilet is the corporate area.

Melbourne: An explanation for the existence of Cooper Cronk's website. Anyone?

Newcastle: Just some cash in a card with a few scratchies thrown in would be handy. Nathan Tinkler hasn't done it this tough since they banned him from the all-you-can-eat buffet at Toronto Workers Club.

North Queensland: The immediate closure of Townsville Airport. That might be the only way to keep Johnathan Thurston in the tropics.

Parramatta: A drama-free day/week/month/year. The Eels have watched Israel Folau walk out on them, sacked an under-20s player for decking Reni Maitua, let Jamil Hopoate go for discipline breaches and are now sweating his bro Will doesn't renege on his 2014 deal. All this and we're still more than two months way from the season kick-off. But all that drama will look a minor skirmish compared to what will unfold if Chris Sandow stinks the joint up on Ricky Stuart's watch.

Penrith: Something, anything. Phil Gould returned to the golden west promising great change. And, to be fair, there was change - crowds dropped and the team went from 12th to 15th. Gus may have to give the Panthers one of his Origin-like orations while walking through the rain in an expensive suit.

St George Illawarra: Alternative employment for Steve Price. Surely he won't see out the season if the Dragons start poorly. Even if they do okay, it appears Craig Bellamy is already suited up for the gig beyond 2013. Saints officials deny Price's job is in danger so you can start counting the days until the axe falls.

South Sydney: A fifth Burgess. What's not to love?

Sydney Roosters: A cure for Sonny Bill Williams' sporting ADHD. SBW's inability to sit still for more than 90 seconds will have Roosters' officials sweating it out to see if he lasts longer than a parking spot at Bondi Beach. The former All Black has pledged his loyalty for at least the 2013 season, which equates to a lifetime deal in SBW's world.

Warriors: An interpreter for Matt Elliott. We can't wait to find out what Manu Vatuvei and Co make of Elliott's penchant for quoting ancient philosophers and blending sections of Sun Tzu's Art of War into match plans. The Beast has a hard enough time catching the ball without trying to unlock the coach's riddles within a conundrum.

Wests Tigers: A competent divorce lawyer to split Tim Sheens from Stephen Humphries. The pair remains in the same bed but with suitcases down the middle to mark each other's patch. Meanwhile, Mick Potter waits uncomfortably in the spare room.
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