General NRL Fantasy 2020

Any chance Sky TV might want to film our Fantasy League matches and show them sometime?

It is live sport, after all. I'm more than happy to be on here live posting shit and being abusive if it gets the viewers in!

Good to see no-one got on the "sign A. Koroisau because he's a cash cow!" bandwagon. Only losers do that. ;)
Right, so, um, so the boys, they, uh, y'know, a couple of them, Roge and Jason, for ahhhhh for example, the process, y'know, um, did that really well. Just not um...clicking as a y'know team right now so we're 0 and 2. But still y'know a lot of time um to get y'know the process sorted and if the um the Reservoir Dogs y'know can get it together well. Yeah.

I'm really pleased with my team - I made the 4 trades allowed - and followed the Stacey Jones logic: Yelled "Stop playing shit!" at the screen. Fingers crossed.
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Okay, I cry SHENANIGANS! I lost by one freakin, measly point! 777 to 778 to Gromms.

There's. Got. To. Be. An. Investigation. I was duped by Koroisau not being selected/injured and a couple of Gromms players having red against them and then they play.

They don't like their Fantasy NRL in Auckland, Rabs!