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What is the ideal number of teams?

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I think NZ is dying for a NRL 2nd division. Hear me out.

I don’t think having a Wellington team or Canterbury team at nrl level is really needed right now.

Instead if they created a genuine 2nd division that isn’t used as a reserves for a nrl team but a contracted full time players I think would be a tool for expansion later on.

The current nsw cup is illegitimate in terms of nrl reserve players getting to play games to build up for nrl or coming back from injury they will play nsw cup. It can’t draw crowds nor interest.

Instead if they created an nrl 2 you could have 3-4 teams from nz in it

It could look like

Counties Manukau Stingrays
Waikato Mana
Wellington Orcas
Canterbury Bulls
North Sydney Bears
Illawarra Steelers
Newtown Jets
Western Suburbs Magpies
Wynnum manly sea eagles
Ipswich Jets
Sunshine Coast
Brisbane Tigers
West Coast Pirates
Melbourne Thunder
Adelaide Rams

If these were no longer feeder clubs but genuine professional outfits with a salary cap it could build a genuine following.

I know this is pie in the sky and unlikely but living in Hamilton all they have is the chiefs and the local clubs. I don’t know when the warriors will ever come back to play but I’m dying for a genuine local professional league team to follow. I think if done right each region could draw crowd averages of 5000.

I think how the nsw cup and qcup are used atm only benefits the nrl really but with this mode you could build expansion areas to one day be ready to apply for a license to nrl. Based off the success of each club you could get a lot of data on crowd numbers etc and see which part of nz is genuinely feasible to sustain a nrl team. This model will let you know which regions are genuine.