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Reading NZHerald and Stuff today it looks like Bakuya isn't one of the 17.

Have to laugh read that he may have got off as he was injured for the last part of the 2011 season; the time period in question happened at the start of the year.

A bit of a relief for us if he's not included. Now we can think the current sanctions are a joke and they should contest them or get longer.:p Hey we aren't affected now stress eased.:cool:

Looks like they are going to take the deals; hopefully WADA approve them otherwise their suspensions will increase.

Yea that would defn be the nagging worry wouldnt it. Finally think its over and WADA turn round and say nope - your stuffed


Reports most players implicated in the ASADA probe have taken the 12 month stand down period. It is backdated from Nov 21, 2013. The players who have opted to challenge the charge is rumoured to be Colin Best and Ben Pomeroy.

Guess that means no more Jayson Bukuya until next year.


hold the phone...missed this somehow....Bukuya was NOT given a show notice!

Warriors and former Cronulla back-rower Jayson Bukuya is "pleasantly relieved" at not being included on Asada's list of 17 past and present Sharks players issued with show cause notices over their suspected involvement in the club's controversial 2011 supplements programme.

Initial reports out of Sydney on Wednesday, following a series of meetings between Asada and the NRL, incorrectly included Bukuya among the list of players served with notices before his name was eventually removed.

The 25-year-old was not available to speak to media yesterday but his agent Sam Ayoub said his client was pleased to have the matter resolved.

"I spoke with Jayson last night [Wednesday] and he is pleasantly relieved," Ayoub said. "Don't ask me why or why not [he didn't receive a notice] because I'm not in a position to talk about it. But in saying that we're relieved for Jayson that he didn't receive a show cause notice."

Bukuya had every right to feel relieved, after having his name dragged through the mud over the past 18 months, since the anti-doping body first announced in February 2013 that a year-long investigation had uncovered widespread use of drugs in Australian sport.

The 17 players named are now weighing up their options and face the prospect of spending up to two years on the sidelines. Reduced penalties, including backdated one-year or six-month suspensions, are believed to be on offer if players admit to taking a prohibited substance and provide "substantial assistance" to Asada.

"Every player that had that hanging over his head always had something to worry about," explained Ayoub. "But from day one, Jayson [said] he can't recall what happened and what didn't happen, what took place and what didn't take place."

Crucial to Bukuya's fate is that he was out injured for much of the 11-week period that spanned Asada's investigation, during which the Sharks employed sports scientist Stephen Dank to implement a regime of peptides.

"He was out injured at that point in time so from memory he wasn't involved in anything so he's certainly relieved, yes. The fact that he wasn't on the team sheets around that time probably worked in his favour," said Ayoub.

Warriors general manager of football Dean Bell insisted the club was unconcerned about what was a protracted and uncertain situation involving one of their players and said Bukuya had done his best to remain focused on football.

"We never worry about what we can't control so it was just business as usual and Jayson was just carrying on. Until he knew otherwise there was nothing to react on really. From the club's point of view it wasn't an issue."

Brisbane-born Bukuya was in his teens when he debuted for Cronulla in 2008 but rose to prominence in 2011, after overcoming a horror stretch that saw him endure two shoulder reconstructions, a broken leg and a syndesmosis injury. He went on to play 59 games for the Sharks and scored 13 tries. He has also featured in two World Cup campaigns for the Fijian national side, playing nine tests in total.

Bukuya joined the Warriors this year on a two-season deal and after overcoming a toe injury and concussion earlier in the season, returned to first grade in last Sunday's loss to Newcastle, and has been named in an extended squad to play the Roosters at Mt Smart on Sunday.
By the sounds of things Bakuya wasn't involved with any of the meetings this week so hopefully it's finished from here.

The Super League based players haven't heard from ASADA yet either but as far as I am ware their names have still been listed in all of the articles.

I saw on LeagueUnlimited a tweet from one of the SMH journalists of the players who were accepting the ban. Bakuya wasn't listed. Jeremy Smith was so potentially rule him out for the Kiwis or at least the first test and any warm up games.


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
wonder if Bakuya will play better now that he knows hes in the clear. I also wonder if there will be more people named now the majority (including Gallen?) have taken the 1 year, i mean what was the significant information that the players provided to get the reduced sentence?


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NRL News Sharks
August 22, 2014

AFTER careful consideration up to 14 players who were served show cause notices from ASADA will accept a deal resulting in a back-dated 12-month ban.

Current Sharks players Paul Gallen, Nathan Gardner, Wade Graham and Anthony Tupou are all believed to have accpeted the deal in addition to Jeremy Smith, Kade Snowden, Luke Douglas and the Cowboys Matt Wright.

Titans playmaker Albert Kelly is still undecided whether to accept the deal.

Aside, from Wright who is a chance of playing finals football, the other 13 players who accepted the deal will serve a three-match this season.

By accepting the deal Gallen (Australia), Wright (Samoa) and Jeremy Smith (New Zealand) will all be unavailable to take part in the Four Nations tournament.

Current Super League players Paul Aiton and Ben Pomeroy and retired winger Colin Best have reportedly rejected the offer.

Aiton will this weekend play in the Challenge Cup final for his club Leeds Rhinos against CastlefordTigers.

More to follow . . .
You might as well let them play the rest of season to make it fair for the other teams that had to play these players.

Take Snowden and Smith out of the Knights forward pack and that dents there go forward and defense majorly.

We had to play them but the Broncos don't have to now?


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As most on here predicted its turned into a slap on the hand with a wet bus ticket. One can only wonder the uproar if Dank was an employee or advisor to the Warriors. What a joke...
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I was really hoping Gallen would fight on to clear his name and be rolled by former teammates testimony or some such, and get the full whack.

But you’d have to be mad to turn down this offer.

Matthew Wright is the only player named that’d feature in the finals series, what are the chances.

If the sharks were a chance of making the 8 this year, would they have just have them serve the ban in that peak league period between Halloween and Christmas?

Farce, to think all the breathless media coverage boils down to 3 games for a bunch of players already out of contention.
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I can't remember how many of the Essendon players are in trouble; even that investigation which until a week ago was looking to turn into a shit fight in court beween Essendon, the AFL and ASADA seems to be ending like the Sharks investigation.

It looks like about 30 player between both codes with a shortish suspension. Not 150 players and widespread doping where mulitple clubs have systematic doping programs.

Where are all of the players who were supposed to be going off on their own and using peptides.
what a f#$ken joke !!

stood down for the remainder of 2014...well for the woeful sharks thats 3 games and for the rep players it also includes the 4 nations.

the investigation took so long the drug cheats only get 3 games

that really shows take drugs, you will be caught, then slapped with a wet bus ticket!!
So they haven't even had to sell each other out to take the deals? What a joke.

This all seems to have been moulded to suit Gallen. I knew he would walk away from this with a sweet deal. The other players should have sold him down the river. He was preparing to do it to them from the start.

To hear he will even get to play in the remainder of the 4Nations after missing the first match, is repugnant. This guy seems untouchable.

Ever Hopeful

You might as well let them play the rest of season to make it fair for the other teams that had to play these players.

Take Snowden and Smith out of the Knights forward pack and that dents there go forward and defense majorly.

We had to play them but the Broncos don't have to now?

Further to this, it really weakens the Knights for their games against our biggest threats for the 8: Broncos, Eels and then Dragons. They now have less chance to roll them like they did us. With a full strength team I reckon they were odds on to win a couple of those games.
What an absolute farce

ASADA have just proven they have no power what so ever. This whole thing just stinks

The story on the SMH website asking where the people are calling foul on this and remembering how Tallis was when Rodney Howe was outed as a steroid user.

The silence is just deafening!
A week or two earlier and we could have played a weakened Sharks side at home as well as the Knights without a few key players. Sure we won against the Sharks but without Gallen and a few others we would have won by more increasing our for and against.

For the players I'm happy that the suspensions are a bit of a joke due to the nature of what happened at Cronulla. Sure the WADA code says they are responsible for everything they take but looking into this case a 2 year suspension would have been harsh.

This outcome is also good for the game which was originally accused of having a number of clubs with sophisticated doping programs. Instead we have one with dodgy behaviour in a one month period.

Any player that went away from their clubs program and sourced out peptides or any other PEDs should have got 2 years. It looks like this investigation isn't going to find any cases like that.

I don't know all of the ins and outs of the Essendon case but their case from what I have read is a lot larger than Cronulla's. Their program went for longer and involved more players. They may have also got the players to sign waivers which would mean the players knew more than the Sharks players did. Essendon getting a similar deal irks me a bit.

My anger is more aimed at ASADA or the politicians who created this big saga which when it was investigated ended up a lot smaller than it was hyped to be.
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This year yet?

after 2 years they miss 3 games - i personally hope WADA smashes the thing to bits

They reported on 9 news that WADA had stated they would not challenge the bans as a condition of the players accepting them.